Jan 022013

Testy Brit Piers Morgan is now threatening to deport himself from America and his multi-million dollar evening chat fest on CNN. Why? Because he wants stricter gun control legislation in America.

Gun control has been a political tug-of-war in the Uniter States for decades, but Piers thinks he has the answer to the stalemate: threaten America with his absence.

Goodbye, Piers Morgan.

Piers has been particularly rude to his pro-gun guests as of late, calling them idiots and interrupting their points. His “logic” goes something – well, exactly – like this: Guns are used to kill people and killing people is wrong, so guns should be banned.

Piers fails to consider the ages-old NRA retort that “If guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns.” It’s a winning argument, and catchier than the Second Amendment.

Piers also fails to consider that compared to about 30,000 deaths by guns each year, America has 30-40,000 deaths by automobile each year. Should we ban cars?

We see Piers likes to smoke. Should we ban smoking, since it accounts for more than 440,000 deaths in America each year?

How about abortion, Piers, that kills more than 1,200,000 (that’s 1.2 million) innocent babies each year? Are you okay with that?

Why did you leave gunless Great Britain in the first place, Piers? America left Great Britain in order to live free of oppression and rules of gentry. You came here for money and fame. You got what you came for, so by all means deport yourself and let America keep its way of life intact.

  5 Responses to “National Absurder: Goodbye, Piers Morgan”

  1. I listened to Peirs Morgan on CNN approximately 2 or 3 days after the Newtown shooting and he had a pro-gun guy and a group of anti-gun folks on his program. Peirs called the pro-gun fellow a liar, shouted other insults at him and then cut the pro-gun apologist off and handed the floor to the anti-gunners and made sure the pro-gun guy couldn’t reply or defend his character. I switched the channel at this point as it was clear I was not getting a real debate, but rather a demonization of guns and the gun lobby. I dislike the Peirs, I found him to be rude and arrogant on air. I wish Piers Morgan would go back to the sewer from which he came. I would not miss him one bit…..

  2. Piers Who?

  3. Piers had Jesse Ventura on his show once and Jesse basically owned him. Jesse is not the average right leaning guy either. He just calls BS when he sees it. From where I sit, Morgan just lets an agenda rule his show. Let him go back if he doesn’t want to stay. It is his choice after all.

  4. he had Alex Jones on there a few days ago…..enough said :)

  5. Piers Morgan is a spineless antagonistic puke. He doesn’t hold a candle to Larry King. His show is along the lines of Jerry Springer, but at least Larry Springer doesn’t talk over his guests. You’re RUDE and CRUDE PIERS !! Go back where you belong. Haven’t you figured it out yet that America doesn’t want you here?

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