Dec 012012

RoadKill Radio News exposes the truth behind urban legends.

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(HEAVY = True, Average = Partly True, and Nil = False.)


On the Scale: George Soros uses to attack Republicans.

Emails and Internet articles abound that claim George Soros contributes to, which in turn promotes Liberal causes by reporting as truth false information against Republican initiatives, and covering up for Democrat misdeeds.

Veracity Weight: Nil. According to,, and other hoax-busting organizations, the premier fact-vs.-fiction website is owned by a Californian named David Mikkelson and his Canadian wife, Barbara. These sites all agree that Mr. Mikkelson, who registered as a Republican in 2000, has never taken a public stand for or against any party or candidate. Further, Mrs. Mikkelson is not a U.S. citizen and cannot vote. Indeed, has proven to be absolutely neutral on political issues, and backs up all of its findings with meticulous research and verifiable evidence.

George Soros, the wealthy supporter of Liberal causes, has absolutely no connection with, which is completely self-funded through advertising sales.

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