Dec 082012

RoadKill Radio News exposes the truth behind urban legends.

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(HEAVY = True, Average = Partly True, and Nil = False.)


On the Scale: An actual Bigfoot was caught on film in 1967.

The famous film taken by Roger Patterson in 1967 purports to show an actual Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, swiftly walking away from the cameraman at Bluff Creek, California. Patterson claims the encounter was genuine, spontaneous, and frightening, accounting for the shakiness of the minute-long film.

Veracity Weight: Nil. Before Roger Patterson went on his camera expedition, he proclaimed that he was making a documentary on Bigfoot. Patterson then purchased an altered gorilla suit from respected costume makers Philip and Amy Morris to use as his Bigfoot costume for the documentary. The ape suit was worn by six-foot tall Bob Heironimus, an actor who also worked on an earlier Patterson film, who wore football shoulder pads under the suit per Philip Morris’ instructions. After seeing the footage, Patterson decided that it was convincing enough to pass off as real. Rather than spend more time and money to complete his speculative documentary, he instead milked the benefits of his hoax all the way to his deathbed.

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