Oct 062012

Ron Gray once again clearly points out the subversive agenda of the British Columbia Teachers Federation, a union dedicating much of its resources to the deconstruction of family values, morality, and tradition. As the number of enrolled students drops in BC's public school system (wary parents are running!), the BCTF continues to impose its culturally destructive agenda on the children of the remaining oblivious parents.

  One Response to “Family Freedom Fighters: Why the BCTF is a Gaggle of Subversive Liars”

  1. This is outrageous that the majority of BC parents, and citizens are politically doing nothing about the diabolical indoctrination of innocent impressionable schoolchildren into accepting morbid behavior. If children continue to be socially engineered thus, by adult teachers, then all future generations will believe perversion is normal. Perhaps it has already occurred in a society that has gone stark raving mad, that will legalize everything. I hope the majority of our citizens change their political minds, and become righteous for their children’s sake.

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