Oct 082012

Ron Gray introduces us to “The Brotherhood”, the collection of lawyers and judges that worked together to circumvent justice and shield each other from public scrutiny. Like any close-knit professional group, the Canadian legal profession backs its own in the face of difficulties – and boy were are difficulties: a lawyer as a defendant, a presiding judge involved in her own legal battle who steps over the line of legal behaviour, lax lawyers failing to follow the rules of the court, a lawyer who refuses to carry out her client’s wishes, and judges repeating defamatory comments as if they were truth! Is this Canadian justice? You bet!

  3 Responses to “Drive For Justice 17: The Brotherhood”

  1. These judges are nothing more then a pack of clowns sitting in their clown suits, void of wisdom and justice. They are so busy thumbing through their perks, and discussing the colour of their chambers, and keeping their own fascade intact they have no time for justice.

  2. Judges are lawyers too.

    • Not all judges were lawyers first. It’s often not required, depending on the jurisdiction. Many think that lawyers make bad judges because lawyers are trained to take a position whereas judges must remain neutral.

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