Jul 182012

Jim Lawter paints a personal word portrait of how a “well-meaning” (but totally incompetent) school system can confuse and steer a young boy into a lifetime of gender ambiguity by kowtowing to special interest pressure and political “correctness”.

  4 Responses to “The National Absurder: Why Am I Gay?”

  1. I agree it is wrong if a teacher outs a homosexual student without permission… BUT, they aren’t exactly given a class on what to do in a case like the one you are describing. Homosexuals do not indoctrinate or recruit anyone, they do however, want equal rights and therefore distribute a lot of information about the lifestyle. I love how you say there are health consequences for a homosexual life style but never say exactly what the problems will be.

    So lets say a child has a perfectly normal life. She never gets picked on or beaten up, yet she still turns out to be a Lesbian? What can you say about that? No one is taught to be gay, we’re just born this way.

    • It’s not a teacher’s place to out kids, and in the absence of any instruction on how to handle bullying, they should seek guidance instead of making it up as they go along. My beatings became harder and more frequent because an adult put a BIG TARGET on me.

      Gay indoctrination in public schools is very real and purposeful. Read here.

      Possible health and social consequences are not mine to teach. They exist, and should be presented by academics as part of the entire picture.

      Your scenario of never being beaten up is wonderful, and I dare say it may be more common than being beaten up. It’s what we all want and deserve. It has nothing to do with who we are; it has everything to do with who the bullies are. Yes, we’re all born the way we are, and we all have choices from that point on. Bullies and teachers have no right to interfere, and they’re the ones we should be educating.


  2. Mediia is driving , and trying to protray the homosexual lifestyle as the latest fad , the thing to do . TV is falling over itself to get the next homosexual parity to the viewer… Like Glee, The new norm, etc; etc. They even call it by politically correct names ..or names that become paraphrased in public communication…. (the new norm) ( I was born this way) etc; Every reality tv show has to have your local homosexual stand in. I think they go shopping for one if none apply. They deliberately are sticking it in your face anywhere they can so you will become good and used to it and wont care what they do to johnny at school.
    This video clip jumped to the point this kid was gay ….when he was not..or ? Did not like the clip because of this, Also I think some of this stuff should not have sarcasm in it as I think that most people need to hear directly whats going on without shuffling through sarcasm, or inuendos, or tongue in cheek , none of this sits well when it comes to blood boiling issues.

    • I got it that the kid was too young to have even considered his sexuality, that the teacher and school decided it for hi m, steered him in a direction so they would feel good about themselves being so ‘open minded’ not considering theyre wrong and maybe screwing up a kids life. Youre right thnat gay is the latest fad and I think teachers buy into it like this. This video said it well I think, that teachers should just stay out of it, it’s none of their business.

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