Jul 192012

In a brief biography, Mark Hasiuk reminds us of the absolute evil that revolutionary Che Guevara perpetrated on innocent people, and reminds us that deifying such monsters of history insults their countless victims.

  4 Responses to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: Che Guevara was Evil – Why is He on Your Tee Shirt?”

  1. I’m 17 and know everything about Che. You make him out to be evil, but in reality each and every person Che had put to death was a criminal. I wear the image of Che because that is the image of justice. You mention Che taking land that was owned for generation but you fail to mention Fidel Castro lost his land as well. Cuba had (and still does) have a right to large arms… they are located next to the earth’s biggest bully, the USA!

    • Che was exactly like Osama Bin Laden, except Osama actually carried out the attack on New York City that Che only threatened. They both hated Americans and hated free societies. Castro and Che stole $50 million worth of American real estate and property when they took over Cuba, and to this day Castro refuses to let Cubans own their own land; he’s kept it all. Che murdered his enemies without due process of law. 17 years old and you know everything about Che? What a joke!

      • If I was going to compare the revolutionary fighters of Cuba to another group, it would be the Óglaigh na hÉireann. They fough and still fight for nobal reasons.

        That “American real estate” was Cuban property, Che and Fidel were only taking back what the USA took. They do hate the USA but that is because of the injustice the Capitalists laid on Cuba. As for them hating free societies lol Cuba is one of the most free societies, in Cuba you can go to an office and file a complaint just like anywehere else, they can protest (and not have to fear being beaten by the cops). Tkae a trip to Cuba nad see the country yourself, don’t go only by what the media tells you. Don’t let my age fool you.

        • Your age doesn’t fool us; your ignorance and bias are obvious. Personally, I’ve been to Cuba, both the tourist version and the non-English speaking real Cuba. It’s a police state, and while the people are sweet and kind, they’re also oppressed and fearful. Cubans love Americans like me who visit, because they see that we’re open-minded and appreciate their rich culture and beautiful country. None of this changes the FACT that Che Guevara was a murderous Marxist who fell out with the Castro brothers because they weren’t nearly as hard line as he was. Che is neither Cuba nor Cuban, and except for a brief time during their revolution, Che had no use for Cuba.

          By the way, I’m half Irish, too, and have a serious problem with British rule, but as noble as the IRA think they are, they’re still a bunch of cowardly criminals when they sneak around killing innocent people.

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