May 282012


Enough is Enough
Judicial corruption has made the Rule of Law into a fool's toy.

Mockery of the law is the voice that now echoes loudly in the courtrooms of a once honourable nation. It is the voice of the Supreme Court’s High Priestess, Chief Justice McLachlin.

It is a voice that will lie, deceive and cheat. Her defilement of the Law is brazen. She is feared by some, but there is talk of a revolution and those voices of revolt are growing.

Among those voices is the voice of an ordinary person, one who is duty bound by birth, citizenship and truth to restore the Rule of Law to Canada and to expose and cast out those who abuse their power on the seat of justice. It is the voice of …

Kari Simpson

… and this is the story of Roadkill Radio’s …


  2 Responses to “Drive For Justice 01: Prologue”

  1. What can I do to help? Our family has been involved with MCFD for the last 5 1/2 years and my grandchildren just recently got apprehended a third time because I have gathered written evidence that social workers used more than 100 lies (I not not finished with the total disclosure of our file yet) in reports and assessments ( including falsified medical records) and I have written evidence (including an investigation from the RCMP) that a social worker used more than 50 deliberate lies in Court to justify my grandchildren’s second apprehension. My attempts to present my evidence to the Family Court and my request for a review of the social worker’s action in Court was denied and I was advised to take my complaint to the Supreme Court. Hundreds and hundreds of other parents are in the same situation as we are. I have found ways on how to find MCFD’s lies in their own files and notes, but have a hard time convincing other parents to stand up for their rights. No one believes us that MCFD will continue their abuse on them once they have their claws in you. I want to help but find it hard to find an avenue that could give me at least some success. I am a hard fighter and I will not give up. Let me know if I can help you. Regards, Petra Smith

  2. I’m being harassed by the ministry. My story is a long one. I’m worn out and feel beaten and bullied. My kids are repeatedly interviewed and asked the same questions again and again. My babysitters are interviewed and social workers show up at their homes to check on my kids after they have already been put to bed. The social workers randomly show up at my house, when I’m trying to sleep for night shift. Yesterday was a low point. I woke up and a social worker was sitting at my table. My 15 yr old son had let her in. With my youngest 3 kids present ( ages 15, 9 and 8 ) she announced she could remove the kids. She continued to talk down to me like I was of lesser intelligence. I’m newly married, so I went to get my husband for assistance. When she saw him she seemed to settle down.
    I layer found out when my oldest son had answered the door, the social worker told him that if he didn’t let her in she was going to seize his younger brother and sister.
    This is a long story. My family does not deserve this treatment. I was in an abusive relationship with their father and MCFD helped me. We later learned he had been sexually abusing the kids as well. This was over 6 yrs ago. I have now remarried a wonderful man. I’m financially successful and support all 4 kids alone. The issues MCFD had were not with me but with my 15yr old babysitting for 3 hr at a time. He was paid for this time … so I’m at a loss.
    The supervision order is based on false claims. Even the kids have tried telling them those things aren’t true but they won’t listen. I don’t understand why this is happening to me. I’m beyond depressed and feel like I don’t deserve to be a parent. At one point I felt good about my parenting and how I was able to get us out of a bad situation with MCFD help. ( I make over six figures a year, I’m not eligible for legal aid … but I also don’t have 5k lying around to secure a lawyer. I have kids who need braces ASAP and childcare fees that exceed $1500 a month)
    I work shift work. They don’t care, and expect me to suit their scheduling convenience.
    I’m rambling but here’s just so much going on. And it seems they answer to no one.
    Do u have any advice?

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