May 272012

General Disorder from Vulture Guard is promoting bullying in school and work and everyday life. His twisted logic calls for a need for bullies to keep the anti-bullying industry alive, and notes that bullies rarely face discipline. We must cut off his arguments and develop more comprehensive anti-bullying measures. Stay strong – Plan to Survive.

  2 Responses to “The Prophets War: Be the Bully”

  1. Does Rob Frenette know about this? (Vulture Guard)

    • I doubt he would want to know. Frenette is a bully merchant whose career would be GONE if it weren’t for the lackadaisical treatment of the REAL problem of bullying: the bullies themselves. Rather than get all touchy-feely about the 10,000 perceived magnets of bullying, why not punish the guilty? Oh, that’s right; the ages-old tenet “spare the rod, spoil the child” is no longer valid in a politically correct world of mollycoddling offenders.

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