May 142012

Mark Hasiuk reviews history of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, which to this day controls far more than its fair share of world power. Learn how the Rockefellers keep their boot-heel on Canadian oil as their own coffers continue to swell.

  2 Responses to “This Day in History: John D. Rockefeller Begins His Empire”

  1. What about The Kinsey Reports, and The Rockefeller Foundation’s contribution to Western Morality?

  2. By Government decree and Court enforcement. When citizens are politically conned into legalizing morbidity, it starts to be taught to innocent impressionable BC schoolchildren as a human right from Kindergarten. Think about this the next time you vote, instead of legalizing everything.

    On Valentine’s day, a group of women stood inside the doorway of a elementary school handing out small bags of heart-shaped candy. Was it a group of concerned parents helping out with the festivities you may ask?

    No, it was an aggressive Lesbian homosexual-rights activist group. Along with the candy they handed out leaflets that said, LESBIANS ARE EVERYWHERE. GIRLS WHO LOVE GIRLS AND WOMEN WHO LOVE WOMEN ARE OK . HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !

    Some parents were outraged. And no wonder. The children who received the candy and leaflets were only elementary school children. They came home confused and upset. One little girl said to her mother,”Betty is my best friend and I love her. Does that make me a Lesbian ?”

    Parents found themselves forced to explain the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality to children too young to be burdened with such detailed sexual information. It’s not fair for someone to rob our children of their innocence at public school. Most disturbing is the determination of the liberal-minded Governments, Politicians, Judges, and Teachers Federations to push kids into sexual knowledge, and even sexual activity at an ever younger age. This So-called sex education, introducing youngsters to exploiting sexuality is always couched in terms of defending their human rights.

    Of course, children are too young to be capable of asserting any kind of rights. So all this talk about children’s rights really means, Lets get children out from under their parent’s protection so they can be approached by gays and other adults by right.
    Canadian citizens united across Canada to raise the age of sex consent in 2005 when Parliament did not raise The Age Of Sex consent in September, and The Supreme Court Of Canada ruled that consenting 14 year old’s where as consenting adults in December just before Christmas,making Canada a human sex trafficking playground for sexual predators including pedophiles as a human right. Our political unity and hard work succeeded on this issue in 2008, when we got Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law to raise the age of sex consent, thus putting a legal end to this rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law. This is Democracy in action.

    Today, with the help of liberal-minded Political Parties, Politicians, Judges, the Teachers Federations, and Media promoting graphic Sex exhibits at Public Museums, gay groups admit openly as a human right that this is their real agenda. When the Lesbians came to school, they were wearing T-shirts emblazoned with a simple slogan: WE RECRUIT. Obviously they had no scruples about recruiting even small elementary Public school children ”By Right”.

    This is diabolical, but what’s really disturbing is that the language used by gay groups is exactly the same language as the language used by mainstream sex-educators. This is the Alfred C.Kinsey “so-called sex science” promoted by The Rockefeller Foundation money, that is taught to teachers in our Secular Universities and taught by Public schoolteachers, by The Rule Of Secular Law, to teach to our public school children from Kindergarten, as a human right. This is dangerous stuff, and it shows that gays and homosexualists are part of the most explosive aspect of The Culture War and debate over the purpose and meaning of sexuality, of Families, and of Childhood.

    Citizens in our democracy need to make it absolutely clear, that they will not elect liberal-minded Politicians who pass rotten Bills into Canadian Law, in our Legislatures and Parliament. Parents have the responsibility for bringing up and protecting their children, even when they are in Canadian Public Schools. The democratic Western countries including Canada are no longer Christian of sorts, but are Secular with The Rule Of Secular Law, and teach Politically Correct Relativism, as science ,logic, worldview and religion to our impressionable innocent children from Kindergarten, and they are not teaching anything resembling neutral scholarship.

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