May 152012

The delightful Sun News correspondent Michael Coren joins Kari Simpson and Ron Grey to discuss his latest book, “Heresy; Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity”. Fed up with scurrilous attacks and sheer ignorance of Christianity, Mr. Coren spells out the truth in a simple, unimpeachable manner. A must-see / must-read for both Christians and detractors!

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  3 Responses to “Michael Coren Discusses his latest Bestseller, “Heresy””

  1. Interesting that several times throughout this interview Michael referred to the religion in his book Heresy “Christianity”. In the book that he released last year called Why Catholics are the Introduction he talks over and over and over about Catholics, Roman Catholics, Roman Catholicism and Catholicism….no where does he mention Christianty. I just thought that was kind of ‘interesting’

    • Interesting, yes. It may be just semantics, or it may be that in his last book he was specifically addressing Catholicism, while in this book he is writing in defence of all Christians. I’d like to hear his explanation. Good scope, Jane!

  2. When people are educated in Politically Correct Relativism with only Charles Darwin’s creation story in schools, and universities they argue that Christianity, and not Politically Correct Relativism has been destructive to civilization,and they leave important facts out of their arguments.They assume that the textbook arguments are completely true. They ignore the incredible contributions of Christianity to humanity, from hospitals, schools and universities, the Moral Law, the Bible , The Ten Commandments, the restraint on Western Governments who claimed to be Christian of sorts in Government, Law and Education and Industrialists who were once called robber barons from exploiting the public,and the furtherance of goodwill in our society. Fighting for the so-called Darwin’s lower races to get the vote here in Canada in 1947 with Canadian First Nations getting it in 1960.

    In the guise of Separation of Church and State in Government, Law and Education in 1962 The Secularists have separated meaningful Christianity from Government, Law and Education with The Rule Of Secular Law without Christian morality, but with Politically Correct Relativism and the so-called Kinsey Sex Science. By attacking Christian public expression and establishing Politically Correct Relativism as the only Worldview/Religion to be taught in schools by Government decree and Court enforcement,thus Secularists have successfully removed meaningful Christianity and The Moral Law of The Ten Commandments from Canadian Government,Law, Education and Society.

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