Apr 032012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray interview a prominent newspaper editor who reveals that the North American mainstream (“downstream”) media is censored – by themselves and by pressure of special interest groups – and that we are not getting the whole story. Listen to what he has to say and you will know why he has to remain anonymous!!

  One Response to “Today’s Media – Contrived and Manipulated!”

  1. issue’s like the arrival of sunsea boats Q jumping glossed over.

    reason to have a mainstream radio station= make money or emotional support for personal beleaf

    cost to opperate excepting PBS type is suported by advertising.
    strongest sway an advertiser has is to withhold advertising because you don’t express the issues as he sees them.
    The government including casinos and 649 should not be allowed to advertised except at point of sale.
    Announcements are news or not and should not be paid pollitical spin.
    cultural groups should have to show their affiliations before attacking Adrian DIX not hiding behind an org that hides it’s main number of independent biz men

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