Apr 022012

Ron Gray reviews Canada’s laudable history in regards to slavery, yet notes Canada’s regretful slip back into complacency on the issue. Is there slavery today in Canada? YES! How and why is this being allowed!?

  One Response to “Slavery in Present Day Canada!”

  1. Sex trade???
    how about tree planter’s?
    How about “visiting sisters and cousins from India doing all the “mini” apartment building cooking and cleaning. I am talking about the single family taxed homes along frazer hwy and the stolen land from the ALR along clearbrook road and Macallum that have 5 or 8 clothes lines and 5 to 8 balconies and multiple vent stacks off their roofs, things that should be clear indications that they apartment buildings as opposed to single family dwellings.
    I know of more than one new home where the old asbestos is pushed into a hole and paved over, left to leach into the water table.
    Wendy’s employees with zero english cooking with no pay, reporting cannot be fair untill all government advertizing stops funding mainstream media 649 and casnios

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