Mar 202012

This is the third of our 3-part series dedicated to Vancouver Police Chief Constable Jim Chu, whose police force has once again shown its bias and unprofessionalism in dealing with serious complaints from citizens.

Culture Guard President Kari Simpson presents to Ron Gray inter-office emails from the VPD that prove a personal bias against Mrs. Simpson. Inspector Mario Giardini clearly tells others inside and outside the police department that Mrs. Simpson a liar, which alone is an actionable case of libel.

To compound his error, Giardini calls on “the community” to send “a strong message” to Kari. Isn’t it punishable by law to incite someone to commit acts against another? Will the death threats received by Kari Simpson be traced back to Giardini’s email? Well, not if the VPD investigates.

All the while, the VPD was conducting a sham “investigation” of charges that they made up and attributed to Kari Simpson, further impugning her integrity.

Chief Chu, is the Vancouver Police Department completely out of your control, or do you endorse this behaviour by your subordinates?

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