May 242011

Skewing the News is unacceptable.

Due to the history of vilification of parental rights groups and their representatives by Radio Station CKNW, and the broadcaster’s persistent misrepresentations of the facts on important public matters, such as the Burnaby School District draft policy, Parents’ Voice has decided it will not provide any further interviews to radio station CKNW until such time as their reporting becomes fair and balanced.

The CKNW campaign of vilification includes:
1997—2002 – A campaign of hate and vilification was commenced by former talk show host Rafe Mair and broadcasted by CKNW—a campaign that a BC Supreme Court judge found to be promoting hatred and contempt for prominent parental rights activist Kari Simpson and those who supported her. CKNW management allowed Rafe Mair to lie repeatedly on air about her. Rafe Mair refused to have Simpson on his show, and cowardly refused to debate her.

Bill Good, another CKNW talk show host, has accused parents of teaching their children “bigotry”—and then childishly denied it; that is, until he was challenged to produce the tape of the show. Good also lied to his audience about a situation involving parents who pulled their child out of a militant gay activist teacher’s classroom. Bill Good lied by asserting that it was because the teacher was “gay.” In fact, the teacher, James Chamberlain, is a proven liar, and was abusing his role as a teacher by exploiting his students for an ideological purpose. The list of his unprofessional conduct is long and disturbing.

Recently, Bill Good has again proven his bias on the gay agenda by broadcasting misleading information concerning the current debate. Bill Good is also a coward; his refusal to debate Kari Simpson on the issue clearly demonstrates this.

CKNW reporter Brett Mineer interviewed Ron Gray, vice-president of Parents for Democracy in Education, in March 2011. The news clip aired in an edited form that omitted important and scientifically verified information provided by Gray. Then, in typical CKNW “skew the news” form, Jon McComb, commenting on that news clip on CKNW’s The World Today, made a comment that put words into Gray’s mouth, followed by McComb’s mocking comment. Of course, Mr. Gray was excluded from this carefully-edited “smear the parents, twist their message” distortion. McComb, like Bill Good, used the fact that he has the last word on air to bash the parents’ right cause by his distortion of Gray’s interview and his position on the relevant issues.

Philip Till—in keeping with CKNW rhetoric on the Burnaby issue—stated on the morning’s “news” commentary: “Some can’t accept discussion of homosexuality.” (In fact, Parents’ Voice has been trying to have a rational discussion, but propaganda and chanting mobs have been the only response.) Till also said, “I don’t care what your religion or culture is, if you have a problem with your School District trying to prevent your child from becoming a homophobic bully, there’s something wrong with YOU!” This is a classic “straw man” argument: no one connected with Parents’ Voice or Parents for Democracy in Education has ever said anything that remotely suggests that they favour bullying.

The list goes on:
CKNW’s historical record of censoring the news that involves factual information about the gay agenda and the political abuse of the education system includes the failure of a single CKNW talk-show host to interview parent representatives who were assaulted by the International Socialists and militant gay activists when they held a parents rally in Robson square. This event was the lead story for three days on other media stations. CKNW talk show hosts Rafe Mair, Bill Good, and Philip Till censored all reporting of this violent attack against parents, free speech and parental rights.

Further, CKNW’s lawyers are also well aware that the trial judge involved in an important libel case that they won was not qualified to preside over the case. That judge was embroiled in a serious legal matter involving libel defamation and religious intolerance—and committed what appear to be acts tantamount to obstructing justice, namely fraudulent conveyance. CKNW’s lawyers know the decision was wrong, and when invited to act lawfully and responsibly to remedy the situation, i.e., a new trial, they refused. The matter is far from being settled and has now become an on-line reality show, DRIVE FOR JUSTICE, that will debut June 7, 2011 online at It appears that CKNW as a news source relies on judicial corruption, rather than upholding the Rule of Law.

It is the position of Parents’ Voice that these deliberate acts by CKNW to Skew the News have contributed to gross societal ignorance of the facts about issues material to the Burnaby controversy. Parents’ Voice has found the reporting of CKNW to be contemptuous of the truth–at best–-and therefore refuses to provide them with any form of interview until such time as they can demonstrate balanced and fair reporting of the facts.

Parents’ Voice appreciates the advent of the Internet, and that the ability it gives us to communicate our message to individuals has dramatically changed this debate. Media outlets likes CKNW, which deliberately manufacture misleading news, will thus soon become deservedly despised and irrelevant. The world of communications has changed.

Parents’ Voice appreciates those media outlets that have provided a fair and balanced reports of the issues in the Burnaby School District—issues that involve the safety and well-being of all children. Parents’ Voice will continue to make ourselves available to you as trustworthy sources of news and information.

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  1. Yes, that’s right. good for you RKR! I could not get through on the lines and the attitudes of these hosts are going to spark off this type of discussion which does not belong in a school yard or classroom. The Burnaby NOW had a heavy hand in mis-leading the truth about Parents concerns. It made us appear hateful when this is a reporter’s views. Journalism should be truthful..not right to omit important details. I had a parent tell me they thought it was a policy to prevent bullying of BSB staff members that is LGBTQ+.  See how the info is so misleading? Piggybacking on anti-bullying makes the 5.45 draft appear admirable in efforts to protect kids when in fact they are doing just the opposite. I now fear for the safety of my kids going to school.

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