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Media backgrounder
on the Gay activists’ political abuse
of public education and the
deliberate violation of parental rights

The BC Teachers’ Federation’s Code of Ethics states: “The teacher recognizes that a privileged relationship with students exists and refrains from exploiting that relationship for material, ideological or other advantage.”

The past 15 years in BC public education reveals a gay activist political agenda that breaches the lawful rights of parents and students, and violates the BCTF’s own Code of Ethics. This ideological abuse of children and families will no longer be tolerated.

The abusive and toxic rhetoric of militant gay activists, echoed by complicit members of the media, has poisoned rational discourse and facilitated imposition of a political agenda onto impressionable children.

A review of how we have arrived at this point will be helpful to the public and responsible members of the media.


April, 1996 – NDP candidate Tim Stevenson’s campaign ad in XtraWest claimed “the NDP government has… changed the education curriculum to incorporate mandatory coverage of sexual orientation free from negative stereotypes.” Parents were never consulted; NDP Education Minister Paul Ramsay said a year later that parents’ rights were protected. Someone was lying.

1997 – Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC began their media campaign to inundate BC’s public education with gay propaganda; including “resources” such as Counselling Lesbian and Gay Youth, and other activist publications.

Feb. 1997 – Coquitlam parents demanded that their school board respect their control over their children’s education. The School Board, respecting the reasoned opposition of parents, voted against the proposed homophobia policy.

March, 1997 – Concerned parents and teachers approached Kari Simpson, then Executive Director of the Citizens’ Research Institute, asking her to assist in exposing a Leftist agenda of politicizing the education of children. Much outrage ensued.

March, 1997 – BCTF & NDP passed resolutions that colluded to impose a pro-gay agenda in the public education system: “This plan involves the necessary curricular changes to promote the education of issues surrounding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth.” CRI responded by creating the Declaration of Family Rights, to protect parents’ rights and prohibit teachers from exploiting children in the classroom.

March, 1997 – At Seacove Secondary School in North Vancouver, a PFLAG activist asked students in the auditorium: “If you’ve never slept with a person of the same sex, how do you know you wouldn’t prefer that? Isn’t it possible that all you need is a good gay lover?” He also asked, “What do you think caused your heterosexuality? When and how did you first decide you were a heterosexual? Isn’t it possible that heterosexuality is just a phase you may grow out of?” He also presented false statistics about HIV. (Note: This is just one of many examples transpiring without parental knowledge.)

June 1997 – Gay activists including Deb Sutherland (a proponent in Burnaby’s current controversy) alleging that the Declaration of Family Rights “discriminates against gay, lesbian and bisexual, and transgendered students, educators, and parents”, filed a human rights complaint with the Commission led by homosexual activist Mary Woo Simms.

Shortly after that complaint, Peter Cook and Murray Warren (who later changed their surnames to ‘Corren’) initiated human rights complaints against provincial government, alleging that the school curriculum was not satisfactorily ‘gay-friendly’.

Fall, 2000 – The Human Rights Tribunal heard the complaint against CRI: some complainants who refused to appear(!) had to be subpoenaed—by CRI!

October, 2000 – James Chamberlain was the first witness against CRI; his testimony confirmed legitimate concerns of parents, and even expanded them! Chamberlain testified under oath that:

• When teaching Kindergarten/Grade One in Surrey, he required 5- and 6-year-olds to check their religious beliefs at the classroom door.

• He instructed other activist teachers how to circumvent Ministry policy requiring the notification of parents in matters involving homosexuality.

• He had lied on national television about what he was teaching in his classes.

• He believes he is an equal authority to parents in the education of their children.

• He had his students study “Joe Average”, a gay activist artist dying of AIDS, then sign their art, using his last name—thus manipulating students into “joining” an ideological “family”—in clear violation of the BCTF Code of Ethics and parental trust.

Chamberlain further undermined his own cause by lying on several occasions during the human rights hearing: He testified that at a “Facts on Homosexuality” conference “there was so much hatred…” that he was forced to leave, he was so upset that he could not even talk to the media! Sadly, for Chamberlain, the defence team for CRI had video of him sitting through the whole meeting, and waiting in line afterwards to ask a question. (oops!)

NOTE: At no time did the “mainstream” media report on these events transpiring before the Human Rights Tribunal; so British Columbians were deprived of significant information on an important matter of public interest.

After this damning evidence, the homosexual activists withdrew their complaint. CRI sought compensation for costs—which the Human Rights Tribunal (predictably) denied.

In 2000, Stan Persky, interviewed on CKNW by Rafe Mair, admitted that homosexuality “is a choice for some.” XtraWest editor Gareth Kirkby said the same in an editorial, “No Need To Lie.” Persky’s column “Recruit, recruit, recruit”, in both XtraWest and the Vancouver Sun, called the statement “Homosexuals don’t reproduce, they recruit” a “brilliant insight into the evil international homosexual agenda.” Persky, an admitted homosexual, was a philosophy instructor at Capilano College at that time. He also wrote: “The official gay leadership insisted that gays were born gay, and that no one who wasn’t gay could be turned into a homo, not even for ten minutes… Of course, they were lying through their teeth.”

About Gay-Straight Clubs, Persky wrote: “angry mobs in the ’burbs are against… encouraging the formation of straight-gay ‘support’ clubs in the schools.” He also stated: “If homosexuality is legitimated through talk, it’s as likely as sunrise that some young people are going to try out a perfectly natural, legitimate sexual preference that promises to be fun, and meaningful.” He goes on to say, “Since we [homosexuals] and the homophobes both know this, why don’t we just admit it?”

2001 – The NDP were obliterated and fell to only two seats in the May election; their abuses of public education and blatant disregard for parental rights signed their political death warrant.

2003The new complaint to the BCHRC by perpetual activists Peter & Murray Corren was moving forward, Citizens’ Research Institute applied for intervenor status in the Correns’ human rights complaint against the provincial government. The pro-gay Tribunal (predictably) dismissed CRI’s application, losing the benefit of scientific, and balanced information.

2006 – present – A secret “deal” with the Correns was signed by the Minister of Education and Attorney General without ratification by the Legislature—utterly ignoring 6,000 pages of letters and petitions. The Ministry has never defined “sexual orientation”.

The Corren Agreement gave the two gay men unprecedented privileges as consultants in curriculum development and public policy. They were never required to prove that their propagandist ideology has any foundation in fact. And the Agreement grants secrecy of all communications between the Correns and the Government —an intolerable perversion of curriculum and policy development.

The Corren Agreement remains controversial; it has caused much of the growing exodus of students from public education. In a recent legal skirmish before the BCHRT, the Tribunal chair said of the Corren Agreement:

“The Course [Social Justice 12, created under the Corren Agreement] involves mature and challenging subject matter. It deals generally with complex issues of social justice, including concepts ranging from hegemony and economic liberalization to speciesism. Sexual orientation and gender identity are among the issues that may be considered within the Course in relation to social justice. The Course involves students examining and challenging their own beliefs, and classroom activities may include discussion and debate of a variety of potentially contentious subjects. …”

If the BC Human Rights Tribunal sees the Agreement this way, just think how bad it really is!

Note – This is not an exhaustive account of events that have transpired in BC. This pamphlet is designed as a quick overview to facilitate parents, the media and other stakeholders with some background information relevant to the Burnaby School District controversy.

Militant gay activist, James Chamberlain, has received a promotion. The BCTF apparently rewards teachers who lie and violate their Code of Ethics and parental trust. Chamberlain is now the Social Justice Coordinator for the Teachers’ Union and travels throughout BC coordinating the distribution of leftist propaganda.

* We hope that some member of the media ask the BCTF and/or Chamberlain if he is going to sue for these statements! They won’t, he can’t. Truth is a full defense and they know it.

GALE (gay and lesbian educators) had to reinvent themselves, they are now called Pride Education Network. Same group, same politics, same propaganda, same tactics.


This political agenda thrives on gullibility and emotion to achieve goals. Fluid, ill-defined buzz words—“anti-homophobia”, “heterosexism”, “transphobia”, “sexual orientation”—are relied upon, despite their illogic. These words are linked to the emotional issues of “teen suicide”, “name-calling”, etc.; then typically bolstered by unreliable statistics—numbers that fail to support their objectives when a proper review is conducted.

While these propagandist marketing techniques have found some favour with those who are easily duped, leveraged in some by good intentions, there is a growing backlash among those who will no longer tolerate the abuse of public education and our children. This backlash will no longer allow faulty statistics, special rights and the political hijacking of our schools and courts to go unchallenged.

• Burnaby already has an appropriate Code of Conduct that protects sexual orientation equally with other protected groups (i.e., religion, ancestry, race, etc.).

• The way to eliminate bullying is not to promote “celebration” of any lifestyle, or to award special rights, but to promote civility towards all people.

• If any problem exists to the degree purported by activists, the issue is enforcement; and the solution lies with adults charged with school administration, staff and teachers to appropriately supervise—and if need be, enforce—Civil Conduct.

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