Apr 302011

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, has accepted an invitation to debate physician-assisted suicide; RoadKill Radio will now invite the BC Civil Liberties Association to represent the other side in an on-air debate.

The issue arose after BCCLA launched a lawsuit aimed at striking down a part of Section 241 of the Criminal Code, which makes it illegal to assist or counsel someone to commit suicide.

“Parliament has already debated the proposal, with Francine LaLonde’s private member’s bill last year,” Schadenberg reminded RKR listeners. “It was voted down massively.”

He also said the courts are the wrong place to have the issue decided: “Section 241 is designed to protect the vulnerable,” he said. “If Parliament were to amend the law, they could put in place protections against abuse. But if that section of the Criminal Code is struck down by the courts, they’d be left with no protection at all.”

Experience in the Netherlands and Belgium has shown that after assisted suicide was legalized, up to 32 per cent of recorded suicides are non-consensual—that is, the patient did NOT consent to have his or her life ended; and it is also estimated that only half of “assisted suicides” in those countries are reported.

“We need the law against assisted suicide to protect the vulnerable from abuse,” said Shadenberg.

RoadKill Radio host Kari Simpson said the BCCLA will also be invited to debate the issue live on-air, probably in May. Stay tuned for more news.

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  One Response to “RoadKill Radio invites BC Civil Liberties & Euthanasia Prevention Coalition to a debate”

  1. I wonder if the so-called BC Civil Liberties Association will show up and explain to us why our society ought to kill its weak, ill and elderly. We don’t have to repeat the corrupt textbook answers to pass exams in university here. Many of us have already done that in order to pass. Only the worldview or religion of Darwinian Humanism and Politically Correct Relativism is allowed there by court decree. I call this Atheism by establishment.
    Here we will give verifiable evidence why our doctors, lawyers, justices and society ought to protect our weak, ill and elderly who deserve our safeguard instead of Capital Punishment. Professor’s Tom Landers, Walter Szetela, their students and friends worked laboriously to overturn Bad legislation and evil Supreme Court Law in Canada when pedophiles and sexual predators were legally allowed to exploit Canadian children in 2005.
    By hard work we convinced the Canadian Public to tell their MP’s to pass The Conservative Bill in Parliament to raise the age of sex consent to 16 in 2008. More on this latter. Other concerned citizens who helped us can also add to this.

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