Nov 162010

Show #83 Part 1

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16 November 2010 – Our own KARI SIMPSON will be calling in to update all of you on an important victory! Many of you will recall Kari’s account last week of a young man caught up in the mental health system. “Jason” was being detained against his will and that of his family after an over-zealous psychiatrist decided to certify him. Well, Jason is a free man today thanks to Kari’s help! Listen in for a quick update!

Show #83 Part 2

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NEIL DYKSTRA, media spokesman for ARPA, will join us in-studio to talk about their Stand Up for Freedom campaign that has been launched to end the tyranny against free speech by Canada’s Human Rights (wrongs) Commissions. This is a must listen to and forward to your friends interview! Click here for news stories.

Show #83 Part 3

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TERRY O has a RANT! One that will make you want to rant! Terry wants to know why, when peaceful pro-life protesters gathered at Carleton University a few weeks ago, police put them in handcuffs, led them away and charged them with trespass. But when noisy “anti-racism” protesters barged into the site of a speech by respected writer Christie Blatchford at the University of Waterloo last week, campus police cancelled her address ‘due to safety concerns’ and then took no action against the protesters.

Terry will editorialize about this apparent double standard tonight on RKR! (This will be real good!)

CALVIN HELIN, Humanitarian, Lawyer, Author & Activist for Self-Reliance will join us to talk about his work and book, Dances with Dependency, now a six times best seller!

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