Nov 022010

Show #81 Part 1

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2 November 2010 – BRYAN FISCHER, Director of Issues & Analysis for the American Family Association and host of Focal Point will explore the TEA Party, Taxed Enough Already revolution taking over America (and, we hope, Canada)!

Show #81 Part 2

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EZRA LEVANT, author, media commentator, SUN Media Columnist – and one of RoadKill Radio’s favourite free speech warriors – joins us to talk about his new book ETHICAL OIL.

Show #81 Part 3

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BILL WHATCOTT is going to the Supreme Court of Canada – at least, his legal challenge is!! Bill will give us an update on “One Man’s (but supported by thousands) Free Speech & Truth Revolution” that is taking the country and the courts by storm! Asked about Bill’s campaign, Kari Simpson remarked, “A few words spoken in truth can obliterate a thousand lies and truth spoken boldly can save a thousand lives. Bill Whatcott can take credit for accomplishing both.” Click here for the SCC story.

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