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  18 Responses to “Live”

  1. where did our bearings come from when we had them? Jane

  2. Great show, to include human rights with GMO
    GMOs are the biggest violation of human rights

  3. Picture if you will, a baby’s onesie imprinted with, “What part of ‘NO!’ don’t you understand?”.

    So an adult can scream for help, do whatever damage is necessary in self-defense, & charge a perpetrator with rape, but a defenseless child is fair game for whatever? Are the rights to not be assaulted, discriminated against due to size, bullied & battered & likely killed only for big people of confused gender who have a voice & a vote? This push is not new. Long ago the fight to end child labour was fought and won in civilised countries. Now the battle rages against sex slavery. Will we soon have to rescue infants and children and be labeled criminals for it? These social engineers who mostly work for us directly or indirectly need to be thrown out on their ear.

    What minimum sentence will they come up with for the adult who tries to deny perverts their fun? Life? Read Carol Kent’s When I Lay My Isaac Down .

    And why Brian’s reluctance to use the word ‘addiction’ in conjunction with pedophillia?

    God help us.

    Northern Warrior Woman

  4. How can we contribute financially to Paul and Zabeth’s battle?

    • Talk to your MLA . (send a letter). Also send a letter to Mary McNeil and Cristey Clark. These people are responsible to us. There are tons of parents like the Baynes, Derek Hoare and Magda and myself who have had children apprehended by these jack-booted goons. They must be told that we all favour the repealing of the CPCSA. 

  5. Being a Christian is a “red flag” to most social workers who have the idea that Christians are abusive to Children because they believe “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.
    Whereas many social workers come from disfunctional homes and whereas many are homosexuals
    there is a vindictive approach to Christians who they think are their personal enemies. It doesn’t matter is you are a family that are Christians or a foster home where the family are Christians.
    Bruce McNeil was “Quality Assurance Officer” when he “investigated the removal of 5 children-in-care (after 6 & 7 years) from our foster home and he was promoted to “Director” for solving the case (in their eyes). This “solving” meant that he “swept the case under the carpet”, covered for the gross abuse of the children by the social workers/team leaders, kept media from reporting further on the case by saying “we are not able to reveal all of the details of the investigation”- making it look like we were monsters in the eyes of not only the other foster parents these children were placed into but in the eyes of the general public. He would not look at what had caused the problems but said “we are moving on and not looking back” The greatest fear of MCF is that they would be held accountable for a mistake. Instead they want you to admit you were at fault thus confirming they were correct in their decisions. When we were allowed one visit with “A” (who had come into our home at 2 years and was removed at 8 years) we were instructed by Bruce McNeil that this visit was contigent on certain behaviours on our part : namely, there was to be no emotionalism, we could not refer to any future visit, we could not indicate that she move home with us, we could not refer to ourselves as Mom and Dad –or he would immediately stop the visit. Currently only “A”a remains in Care (having been moved on an average of every 6 months since removal from our home)– she will be 18 in September. Her oldest brother is now in jail, the older sister has left the Province (only released from Ministry control in 2010 despite her being 22 years old!), the next brother (age 19)is basically “on the street” and Alyssa is using dangerous drugs while the other Child in Care (from another Mother and now 20) is working (but served some time in Youth detention after leaving our home). This “son” told me that he was was told that if he did not cooperate with the social workers that he would be moved far, far away from anyone he knew!”. I expect that as these former Children in Care get out from the feeling of control that they will sue MCF for the loss of what could have been a great life.
    Don’t give up!

  6. for shame!  every day that child is forced to spend away from her family, There’s that much more damage done to her.

  7. My name is Ron Unruh. I recently published a post on my GPS blog
    site which has been advocating for Paul and Zabeth Bayne. Terry and
    Kari, thanks for spending this time with Derek. I am pleased to meet
    Derek via this live show and to learn what a well informed,
    eloquent,responsible and competent father he is. 

  8. how do i watch this! its not working.

  9. Our children are grown up and on their own now. But we never worried. We had another permanent resident at our home. a German ShepherdXRottweiler, who would sacrifice his life to protect the children and me. And as far as I was concerned that feeling was mutual.
    Need I say more?

  10. This is a comment on Lowell Green’s presentation.
    There are howls of protest when we refer to Canada as a Melting Pot. Melting pot? Never! That is (ugh!) ‘Murrican and is oh-so unacceptable. No, we’re not a melting pot, we’re a Mosaic, they insist. Presumably this means that, while living in this country we should refuse to integrate and pretend to be still living where we came from. It’s OK if we don’t speak English, we may still vote and the government will provide an interpreter; it’s OK if we don’t speak English, we may still drive a car, even if we can’t read the traffic signs. 

    Sorry, but I find the Melting Pot concept more agreeable than the much-touted Mosaic. The truth of the matter is that at this time we’re neither French nor English nor anything else. There is, at this point, no such thing as a Canadian “culture”. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re a country of immigrants, accepting what we find here, learning from other cultures, but also  contributing from our own culture to what someday will be  a uniquely Canadian culture, a culture which -at this time- does not yet exist. Which, by the way, is something totally different from a “multi-culture”.

    When I came to this country, 58 years ago, I had to learn English at my own expense, and I did – there were no tax-funded ESL classes, nor did I expect such luxuries. When I became a citizen I was tested on my knowledge of Canadian history and the English language – no interpreter was provided. In short, you either shaped up or shipped out. 

    And life was a whole lot simpler then. 

  11. Your show is awesome, have listened to your section on HPV vaccines with Norma Erickson and Leslie Botha.  I work with these two ladies – am from Scotland – and we care so much at what is happening to young girls and young women all around the world.  Thank you for airing what has been discovered and God Willing we will succeed in getting the politicians to listen to us and to make the changes that are necessary to start an official investigation.  You are an amazing duo and thank you for spreading the word. 
    Freda Birrell, Sanevax, Scotland/UK

  12. Kari..what an eye opener, I always wondered about the school board fiasco in surrey, how the school board could have lost that case is beyond me.  Another thing parents and citizens in general need to shut off their gay media and start getting involved in what is going on in their own schools.  This business of oh who cares about homosexuals, until they find out their own kid has been coersed into becoming one.!  Thanks kari , i really look forward into seeing justice mccloghlin resign, or eat her undies.  I will be supporting you as well what you are doing is so important and worthwhile I urge all who see this to support kari somehow.

  13. you may want to come and spend a day in the Surrey court and have your eyes opened


  14. It is ironic the the immigrants and children of immigrants who are being accused of introducing foreign values are actually standing up for the values which have been traditional in our society and have been the foundations of its greatness. Sadly, so many of the “old stock” in Canada have no appreciation for these foundations, and some are even trying to destroy them. I salute those from the ethnically Chinese and Indo-Canadian and other communities of visible minorities who are willing to stand with us who are from British and European stock in defence of the standards without which our country will lose its greatness.

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