This is an ever-expanding Directory of the RoadKill Radio webcast Guests, some of whom have been:

  • Clive Ansley, lawyer
  • Maxime Bernier, Conservative MP for Beauce and former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Alanna Campbell, president of University of Calgary’s Campus Pro-Life
  • John Carpay, people’s rights lawyer
  • Doug Christie, lawyer
  • Doris Darvasi, of Real Women of Canada
  • Chris Delaney, Anti-HST organizer, spokesman for the B.C. First Party
  • Dr. John Dixon, spokesperson for the BC Civil Liberties Association
  • Neil Dykstra, media spokesman for ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action)
  • Douglas Farrow, professor of Christian Thought, Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University in Montreal
  • Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues & Analysis for the American Family Association and host of Focal Point
  • Cecilia Forsyth, Canadian Institute for Education on Family
  • Connie and Mark Fournier,
  • Bill Gairdner, the True Conservative
  • Howard Galganov, a great Canadian citizen with a talent for Citizen Journalism
  • Ted Gerk, Campaign Life Coalition of BC
  • Deborah Gyapong, journalist and award-winning author
  • Blair Hagen, National Vice President of the National Firearms Association of Canada
  • Wilf Hanni, BC Heritage Party
  • Calvin Helin, Humanitarian, Lawyer, Author & Activist for Self-Reliance
  • Candace Hill, National Health Federation of Canada
  • Alice Jongerden, owner of Home on the Range Dairy
  • Barbara Kay, National Post columnist
  • Vivian Kraus, Researcher extraordinaire
  • Dr. Edward Kruck, Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of British Columbia
  • Rory Leishman, columnist
  • Ezra Levant, author, media commentator, and SUN Media Columnist
  • FRED LITWIN, President and Founder of the Free Thinking Film Society
  • Ruth Lobo, President of Carleton LifeLine
  • Mel Mabbott, a court-besieged father of 3
  • Ron McDonald, lawyer
  • Marxi McNutti, non-award-winning author
  • Peter Jon Mitchell, Research Analyst, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada
  • Dr. Jean Morse-Chevrier, Psychologist and President of the Catholic Parents Association of Quebec
  • Sean Murphy, Catholic Civil Rights League
  • Dee Nicholson, spokesman for Canadians for Health Freedom, co-executive director for the National Health Federation of Canada
  • Heidi Osterman, CN and spokesperson for the True Food Foundation
  • Anastasia Pearse, President of the Youth Protecting Youth club
  • Kevin Proteau, from Locals Supporting Locals
  • Bob Ransford, Vancouver Sun civic affairs columnist, public-relations specialist, and political activist
  • Deb Reynolds, owner of The Home Grow-in Grocer
  • Jojo Ruba, co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform
  • Brian Rushfeldt, President of Canada Family Action Coalition
  • Percy Schmeiser, farmer and protector of your food
  • Steve S, of Equal Parenting
  • Don Spratt, of Rescue Canada (aka Operation Rescue)
  • John Twigg, Independent Correspondent on Provincial and Nation Affairs
  • Helen Ward from Kids First Canada
  • Diane Watts, of Real Women of Canada
  • Bill Whatcott, social conservative activist
  • Ken Wiebe, of BC Fathers

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