Feb 252014

Kari and Ron read the “House Blues”—the first report of proceedings in the BC Legislature—and discover a blatant deception: NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert crowing about having the Gay Pride flag raised at the Legislature, with the Speaker and Attorney-General (and only two or three others, including paid flag-raisers) watching.

The ostensible reason for honoring that flag—symbol of the ‘gay rights’ attacking any who disagree with their propaganda—was to protest Russia’s “oppression of gay people.”

But homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia 21 years ago!

The law Herbert and other gays (and most ‘lamestream’ media) were protesting—and dragging the BC legislature into their deception—doesn’t mention homosexuality; it forbids exposing minors (i.e., children) to propaganda (read: ‘lies’) about non-traditional sex (which could be homosexual, heterosexual, or onanistic).

In short: “Don’t lie to the kids!”

That’s what RoadKill Radio has been saying for years!

Another thing RKR says—often—is: Use your 3 Vs—Voice, Vote & Value—to make your opinions heard! Call the Premier and your MLA; tell them you don’t want BC’s Legislature abused as a medium for propaganda.

Do it today!

  One Response to “RoadKill Radio News: B.C. Legislature Gets Punk’d”

  1. Look at the consequences of legalized Homosexual Marriage, and Kinsey Sex Education, as a human right, in Canada. My fellow Canadians be careful what you allow your politicians to legalize, because The Canadian Human Rights Act now considers this legalized activity a human right. The Canadian public has been too apathetic, and indifferent as to the consequence’s of electing politicians with unhealthy Political Policies,who then pass degenerative Bills into Canadian law.

    These laws can be reversed by a vigilant voting public,who choose the politicians they elect carefully. This was successfully accomplished between 2005-2008. The politicians political policies tell you what kind of Bills they will pass into Canadian Law.

    The Worldview and Religion of Secularism in Government, Law, and Education with the help of The Popular Media Moguls are normalizing homosexuality, as a human right to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren starting with Kindergartners, using adult Canadian schoolteachers and homosexual activists. Their argument being that some Kindergartners may be born homosexual naturally, but the other children will be nurtured through BC schools by adults to accept homosexuality, as a normal alternative lifestyle. They form clubs as a legalized Canadian human right to recruit children in schools.

    Teachers their wives ,and children who object to this morbid homosexual indoctrination of schoolchildren are ostracized, called names, homophobic etc.and forced to seek other employment. Which the secular moralists make very difficult. This Politically Correct secular morality which indoctrinates schoolchildren is also promoted, by our Justice System, as a Canadian human right.

    The Centers For Decease Control, Public Health Agency of Canada, HIV and AIDS In Canada Surveillance Report gives data from 1985 on the health risks of homosexual behavior with tables of exposure categories. This behavior is not what The Canadian Voters , BC Politicians, Law, and Education Establishments should be normalizing to schoolchildren, is it? What do you call a society who elects politicians, who fly the flag of Sodom and Gomorrah at their Legislature? Only a wary voting public can politically change this

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