May 232013

Following the Mayor Rob Ford gong show in Toronto? Mark is. And unlike the entire mainstream media, which wonders whether or not the mayor of Canada's largest city smoked crack with Somali drug dealers, Mark's focused on another scandal: The Toronto Star's treatment of the story, from its deal with drug dealers to its front page "black guys" photo used to bolster claims about Ford. If you wanna know the real story behind this story, you gotta see this.

See Mark’s Huffington Post columns:

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Sexist? No, Just Trying To Crack Open The Rob Ford Scandal

  2 Responses to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: The Toronto Star – Journalism Gone Bad”

  1. I would like to see huge fines levied at the star. Fines of 50 million for the constant harassment of people and for the instigation of malicious lies and community disruption. The Toronto star, CBC, CTV and the like are competing for dollars and have turned into Community GOSSIP HOUSES, spewing out garbage, lies, innuendoes turning innocent people into criminals. The media does not support morals and values of communities , they want to control morals and values and thinking. France has thousands of people in the streets against homo marriage and their is nothing on mainstream news about this. Only on SUN TV can you get the facts. Or through family value news organizations.

    • media is out of control but don’t be fooled by so called conservative media. fox news are pro gay and sun news did a hatchet job on bill whatcott when he lost his free speech case.

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