Mar 132013

Bill Whatcott spoke to Rob Breakenridge of about the recent Supreme Court of Canada's upholding of suppression of free speech in Canada. Listen to this informative discussion about how the courts are systematically stripping away the rights of Canadians – especially Canadians with religious or moral beliefs.

  2 Responses to “NewsTalk770: Bill Whatcott on the Rob Breakenridge Show”

  1. I generally agree with Mr Whatcott – Judges should be very seriously limited to interpreting law – not making it! Better still we should follow the Swiss system of national referenda to ultimately determine the laws that Canadians would live under.

    Judges just cannot be trusted, neither the politicians! In many democratic countries judges are elected and held accountable. This stops them from forcing their own anti-democratic socialist/liberal agendas! If Canada is to become a demoracy once again then the human rights (antifree speech) legislation has to be repealed wholely and unconditionally both federally and provincially!

    • Hi Bill,
      It should not surprise anyone that people who do not have the spirit living in them are pawns of satan that he will use to his advantage. Satan hates God and his way of getting back at Him is to try and destroy anyone made in His image. We need to pray and act – most professing Christians are men of fear anyway.

      Jack Van Halteren

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