Jan 242013

Mark Hasiuk speaks with independent researcher and freelance journalist Vivian Krause about her progress on uncovering the money trail that identifies United States special interest groups influencing the affairs of Canada. Of special note is the enormous amount of money and influence being funneled through environmental groups that seem to benefit US oil companies at the expense of the Canadian economy.

  One Response to “The Mark Hasiuk Show: A Secret U.S. Invasion?”

  1. Thankyou Ms:Krause ,. I do appreciate people like you who do the digging and find the underhanded, or secretive tactics of the us government , and yes even to canada. I am reminded its like these people in the middle east who try and keep their women in the dark and uneducated , and broke..which is what the usa has done to canada in the lumber industry… until they took over and controlled it. Now its the oil industry. They want canada for themselves and dont like to see us selling abroad.

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