Jan 182013

Ron Gray reports on today's BC Court of Appeal case in which Don Spratt and Sissy von Dehn attempt to overturn their conviction. Because they were educating passersby about British Columbia's "bubble zone" law (areas near abortion clinics where the free speech of citizens is suppressed), Spratt and von Dehn were convicted of breaking the same bubble zone law! How would people know about a law unless it's advertised? Tune in for this quick update!

  3 Responses to “RoadKill Radio News: Spratt and von Dehn Appeal Update”

  1. […] Watch Ron Gray on “Roadkill Radio” for a fascinating account of the appeal. […]

  2. What does this mean in the overall perspective of the Pro-life Battle? If they win at this level can we then gather at the abortion mill with signs warning people about the dangers of Bill 48?

    I understand the need for small victories and how they might inspire people to action. What is truly needed is a much more high profile presence at the killing site than simply one hour a week.

    • The issue is actually quite significant to the Pro-life movement because whats at stake in this case is both freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. For this case to not find victory the writing is on the wall for freedom of expression for Christians in this country.
      The reason they were at the abortuary was to draw attention to how unconstitutional this ‘bubble zone’ law was and that what was at stake with this draconian legislation was a desparate and unlawful attempt to silence those in the Pro-life movement and particularly Christians from speaking on behalf of those being slaughtered.

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