Dec 232012

Ron Gray hosts – and weighs in – on this lively debate between activists Bill Whatcott and Kari Simpson. Among the topics too hot to be discussed by politicians or the lamestream media are the sanctity of marriage, the erosion of free speech, judicial accountability, gun control, public schools as political indoctrination centres, should sodomy be re-criminalized, and is abortion murder? This chat is fast, fun, and full of fascinating facts and ideas. Tune in and get fired up!

  2 Responses to “RoadKill Radio: Look Out! Bill Whatcott Debates Kari Simpson”

  1. Right on Mr. Whatcott! I like what he said about the Criminal Code needing to be used and the government being responsible to punish evil: look at Romans 13. Else where in scripture God says these sex deviations, adultery, and no fault devorce are evil.

    But maybe the government would have to start with taxes to give our society grace to change first or it would be too revolutionary.

    The government should defiinitely be talking about this, it is their responsibility to do so, that’s why we elected them.

  2. Consider classical christian education. Here is a link to a video telling a little about it!/ExploreClassicalChristianEducation/app_376702352411437

    We have been implimenting its methods in our homeschool and online classes with Varitas Scholars Academy.

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