Dec 112012

Undercover video was released this week that shows the alleged mistreatment of pigs at a Manitoba hog farm. The pigs – all destined to be butchered in time for “the holidays” (formerly known as Christmas) – are shown to be living in cramped cages and being killed by blunt force trauma.

Also released this week by the Canadian Institute for Health Information were the latest statistics on abortion in Canada. In 2009, in excess of 93,755 babies were killed by induced abortion in Canada. Such abortions are legal, even though the babies consequently experience tremendous pain and suffering.

While the living conditions of pigs has had major national coverage by newspapers and television and has stirred great ire from the public, the baby-killing story has been almost totally ignored by the media and public. A shameless Canada once again proves it has twisted priorities.

Read the two stories here:

Animal abuse alleged at Manitoba hog farm
Industry panel says most actions shown at Puratone farm in Arborg, Man., are accepted practice
The Canadian Press, December 10, 2012

Abortion in Canada — almost 100,000 documented terminations in 2009
Richard Johnson / National Post, December 7, 2012

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