Dec 042012

Oliver Capko joins Kari Simpson and Ron Gray to talk about the challenges of having to educate some university student groups about the Charter Protected Rights of individuals. Oliver is a first year agriculture student at Langley’s Kwantlen Polytechnic University that is giving a crash course in LAW 101 to the Kwantlen Student Association after they refused to give club status to his pro-life group! The outrage is that public money is used to fund these so-called institutions of higher learning! It is a tragic commentary that university students fail to understand that in Canada we have the right to have differing opinions and that Student Associations are prohibited from discriminating against some groups because they value the protection of human life! What are they teaching these students?

  2 Responses to “RoadKill Radio: Why Are So Many Canadian Universities Suppressing Free Speech?”

  1. According to Statistics Canada 491 babies born alive from failed abortions were left to die. Legalized Abortion has set precedents for even more legalized killing. The Canadian Human Rights Act then makes this legalized murder a human right to also be normalized by adults to schoolchildren. What kind of Democratic Governments, Courts and Education Establishments teach then normalize the love without meaning of Kinsey Sex Education,and the murder without guilt of Abortion?

    After The Second World War, The Nuremberg Military Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for the crimes against humanity of encouraging and compelling Abortions, for this very reason. Legalized murder of children in their mothers wombs sets precedents for more legalized murder. The Nazi Government and Supreme Court Justices, like The Religious Secular since 1962 Canadian Government and Supreme Court, passed Bills into laws legalizing the killing of people they considered non-persons. Secularism claims to be neutral,but when it spreads it’s morality by Government and Court decree it proves to be Tyranny.

    What kind of Democratic Society politically allows this, my fellow Canadians? You are committing the same crimes against humanity that you indicted 10 Nazi leaders for doing at Nuremberg. Please help to put an end to this vicious indoctrination of our youth, and Holocaust. How many more innocent children are going to be left to die after failed abortions in Canada and The Secular West?

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