Nov 052012

Truth on Trial, Parents vs. Institutions, BC Housing Scandals, Can a T-Shirt Change the World?

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Monday, November 5, 2012
Drive for Justice 20: The Trial Begins

Ron Gray takes us into the original Supreme Court of British Columbia trial in which Kari Simpson‘s lawsuit against shock jock Rafe Mair and his radio station was heard by Justice Mary Marvyn Koenigsberg who – unbeknownst to Simpson at the time – was embroiled in her own anti-defamation lawsuit. You’ll hear the arguments made in defence of Rafe Mair’s outlandish lies and slanders against a fierce defender of family rights, and hear why “Justice” Koenigsberg might be inclined to tip the scales of justice.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012
RoadKillRadio News: Creating Bullies – Are Children Raised Better by Their Parents or by Institutions?

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray speak with Helen Ward, President of Kids First Parent Association of Canada, about the assertion by anti-parent activists that government institutions would actually raise your children better than you do. The theory – already debunked by countless studies – is that peers and autocrats have a better influence on a child’s upbringing than good old fashioned parental care and guidance. The real shocker: Such theories are being promoted by teachers and their unions!


Thursday, November 8, 2012
The Mark Hasiuk Show: The BC Housing Scandals

Mark Hasiuk recently broke the story of widespread abuse of Purchasing Cards – company debit cards – issued to hundreds of BC Housing employees and used to run up unchecked expenses with taxpayer money. This scandal is right on the heels of Mark’s exposé of another British Columbia housing scandal in which tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were discovered being funnelled through the BC Housing Management Commission directly to the CEO’s wife’s personal housing program Atira, a program that unapologetically runs de facto brothels in Vancouver’s east side. How is BC Housing Minister Rich Coleman defending these obvious and egregious abuses and conflicts of interest? During his re-election bid, not much, of course.


Saturday, November 10, 2012
Family Freedom Fighters: Can a T-Shirt Change the World?

Ron Gray reviews the 2010 banning of a T-shirt designed by convicted Canadian felons to demonstrate their opinion that Canada is in political and social distress – a ban ostensibly based solely on the fact that an upside-down maple leaf is depicted on the T-shirt. Might the resulting class action lawsuit against the Attorney General of Canada actually lead to a revision of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? And would that be such a bad thing?

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