Nov 032012

Ron Gray interviews Dr. Michael Wagner about his new book "Leaving God Behind", which examines how Canada has systematically and officially removed Christianity from Canada's Christian-based culture to replace it with a new State religion: Secular Humanism. The book's subtitle, "The Charter of Rights and Canada's Official Rejection of Christianity", says it all.

  One Response to “Family Freedom Fighters: Leaving God Behind”

  1. Teaching schoolchildren by normalizing the love without meaning of Kinsey Sex Education, and murder without guilt of Abortion with it’s disrespect for human life creates a dehumanized society. This all came about when Canada and The West decided to replace the morality of The Ten Commandments and Christ, in Government, Law and Education with the morality of Secularism, which legalizes Sodomite marriage and all kinds of morbidity, and then forms clubs to recruit schoolchildren into this now legalized activity. What kind of democratic society politically allows this without changing it’s character? I hope to see a shift back to political reason from non-sense, in this society that is now educating it’s impressionable schoolchildren by normalizing unhealthy behavior by indoctrination.

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