Oct 012012

Ron Gray explores the latest character in the "Drive For Justice" series – one decidedly lacking in character and professionalism. Rafe Mair lied repeatedly about the true facts associated with this unprofessional goof of a teacher while vilifying Kari Simpson for supporting a parent who refused to allow her young son to be indoctrinated with this teacher's version of left-wing propaganda. Instead of telling listeners about Mr. Chamberlain's lies and abuse of his role as a teacher, Rafe Mair falsely accused Kari of supporting the parents simply because this teacher was "gay". Pay attention Rafe Mair! Oh wait! You already know all this, you just choose to continue to lie and shamefully hide behind the skirts of not-so-law-abiding judges.

  One Response to “Drive For Justice 16: The Players, Pt. 3 – James Chamberlain”

  1. What kind of people would indoctrination innocent impressionable children starting from kindergarten into unhealthy behavior? What kind of society legalizes and normalizes this,as a so-called human right and social justice? Their is a lobby group that calls itself (NAMBLA) The North American Man Boy Love Association. Their motto is,” Sex Before Eight or Else It’s To Late.” The Centers For Disease Control, The Public Health Agency of Canada’s HIV and AIDS In Canada Surveillance Report, The diseases that cause the dysfunction of the lower bowel tract,which are endemic in the homosexual population prove the morbidity of sodomy. BC has homosexual activist Supreme Court Justices, teachers,citizens and other professionals, and they are not neutral about normalizing homosexuality to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren. In fact one has recently received a hero medal from his associates for his efforts in legalizing, and normalizing homosexuality,so schoolchildren can now be legally indoctrinated as a so-called human right and social justice. This does not mean that BC parents ought to accept the indoctrination of their schoolchildren into unhealthy behavior.
    Parents and citizens have to politically unite and then through reasoned debate,using verifiable evidence,we must defeat harmful idea’s and bad legislation like we did from 2005 to 2008 when Parliament, and The Supreme Court Of Canada legalized an activity in 2005 that the majority of Canadian citizens considered criminal. In 2008 enough political pressure was put on Parliament that they passed a Bill into Canadian Law raising the age of sex consent, to end the legal sexual exploitation of consenting 14 year old’s by sex trafficking predators and pedophiles, as a so-called human right and social justice. Citizen be careful what you allow your politicians to talk you into legalizing, as it then becomes a so-called human right and social justice normalized by adults to innocent, impressionable schoolchildren.

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