Sep 242012

Join Ron Gray as he introduces us to a few people that shock jock Rafe Mair refers to as Kari Simpson's "Ilk" – those horrible nasty concerned parents who didn't want their children to be lied to or indoctrinated with pro-gay political propaganda while at school. You will also get to meet – via video – "the gay teacher" James Chamberlain, and watch him admit to a national TV audience that he teaches non-approved pro-gay ideology (and other left-wing nonsense) in his kindergarten classroom. Oh wait! Chamberlain later admitted – under oath – that he was lying when he made this televised declaration! What a role model!

  One Response to “Drive For Justice 15: Kari Simpson’s “Ilk””

  1. What kind of government, justice, and media would legalize adults to teach perversion as normal behavior to innocent, impressionable school children? BC needs a government that promotes public virtue, not state sponsored vice. I wonder if the popular media has looked at the pornography in the document Ron is talking about? If they have studied it and still promote it, then we can quote it ,and prove what they are supporting. Our society has gone stark raving mad. I would like to believe that enough BC parents and citizens would politically unite, to put an end to this evil social engineering of our schoolchildren.

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