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Greetings Dr. Phil!

I need help! I am not sure if I need an intervention or just some help on how to manage my obsession for truth and fact, maybe both!!

You see, I work as a successful public advocate on issues that affect parental rights, education, children’s rights and other crucial issues that affect civil citizens.

I admit that I don’t mince words, raising four great kids as a single mom in a busy household that included a demanding work schedule required a “cut to the chase, here’s the real deal” approach. It worked. You’ll be happy to know that all four kids have turned out to be responsible and hard-working… none live at home! Zero drug, alcohol or behaviour issues and most importantly they, as adults, understand their essential role and responsibilities to their spouses, their children and the community.

This “tell it like it is” approach has not only served my family well but a growing community of common-sense civil Americans and Canadians that are fed-up with the blather, statistical nonsense and costs – both culturally and monetarily – associated with the professional squawk boxers. You know those special interest groups that rely on manufactured stories of twisted reality to bully and dupe politicians, courts, media and public schools into compliance of their world view and have us tax- payers pay for it.

Now here’s my problem: I detest liars and bullies. I admit I have had this problem since I was a kid going to school. I always rallied to the defence of those who were being bullied or picked on. That is not to say some kids deserved to be told-off, but the ones who found salvation in my friendship were those who were targeted for reasons other than being annoying idiots.

In my adult life the manifestation of my problem has escalated. Here are some examples –

– A few years back I became aware that social workers were abusing their authority in British Columbia and destroying families and harming children with their bully tactics and lies. I exposed this fact, it created a huge hullabaloo! I was threatened, called all kinds of names but felt compelled to inform the public about the truth of what was happening. My obsession with telling the truth finally resulted in the Government challenging me to a Public Inquiry. The findings of that Inquiry came down boldly aligned my position. Too many apprehensions, families were being destroyed, children harmed, changes needed. The government Minister responsible apologized to me and admitted there were problems with in our social services.

– Another manifestation of my problem happened when parents were being lied to about the true objectives of a program being fraudulently marketed to them as a sex abuse prevention program for 5 year-olds. Teachers jumped on the band-wagon of “save the child” and failed to objectively critique the program and the confusion that would obviously ensue as a result of little impressionable minds being told over and over again that the people most likely to harm them were their fathers and grandfathers. To make matters worse the children were told that this form of abuse included being touched anywhere a one piece bathing suit covered and included pictures like the one of a grandfather scooping his granddaughter up into his arms and equating a loving pat on the backside to abuse.

These confused little kids were then encouraged – by their teachers – to report this kind of “bad touching.” Teachers of course were portrayed in the program as the children’s saviour. Needless to say there was a rash of false reports of “sexual abuse.”

I received calls about this program from concerned parents who were being bullied into having their children participate in it. Teachers were told that if a parent objected the program it was because they were abusing their child. Well as you know I don’t like bullies or liars and I don’t like teachers undermining healthy family relationships, so I exposed the program and its faults. I was threatened and called all kinds of names but succeeded in eliminating the program from the schools and was thanked by hundreds of parents.

– Then there was the war on behalf of the good teachers, who were getting fed up with the homosexual sex activist teachers within their union. They asked for my help. To add to the crisis at the time there was an anti-family government in power. The problematic government supported this agenda but was publicly lying about what they were doing within the education ministry. Further, the sex activist teachers were lying, and bullying parents.

Well as you know, my problem demanded action. I was compelled to ensure that the truth about what was transpiring was told and that the bullies were going to have to deal with someone who wasn’t afraid to put them in their place.

I exposed the antics of the bullies and the lies being told by the government. As a result of my problem, I was labelled by a respected publication as being the most Dangerous Woman in BC – at least dangerous to those who dared to lie, undermine the rights of parents or snub the sensibilities of civil-mined citizens.

My obsession with truth and the need to battle on behalf of those who are being bullied resulted in the decimation of that problematic government. The NDP as they are called went from being a majority government to being left with only 2 seats out of 75. I was thanked by tens of thousands of British Columbians.

– My problem of being truthful about what is politically transpiring can be a dangerous one and often puts me in publicly-threatening situations, but when my compulsions for truthful, factual dialogue involve children and the agenda of the sex activists – especially homosexual sex activists – well the threats escalate to include threats against my life and those of my kids.

Now I realize most politicians, courts, journalists and professionals are cowardly and sensibly acquiesce to the sex activists’ twisted facts and rhetoric for fear of reprisal. My obsession for truth compels me to do otherwise. Dr. Phil is there something wrong with me?

Here is a recent disturbing example of my problem.

– A 25 year-old homosexual activist, convicted for sexual assault against a minor, wrote a letter back in 2007 detailing activities taking place during meetings for homosexual youth in the state of Maine, activities that included sexual interference between adults and minors, and described events including his own plans to murder another attendee and commit suicide. This young man, Mr. Flanders, distributed the letter himself and it was received by the local police, government health agencies, pro-family groups, and the local news media.

Mr. Flanders has a website and has dedicated a large portion of his public blog to reiterate these events, as well as subsequent events involving his stabbing of two people – those two people being his “minor boyfriend” and his father – after violating a restraining order by breaking into their home. Mr. Flanders has since become very public about his perceived “victimization” by the individuals and the agencies involved in prosecuting and convicting him of several crimes of violence. The “victimizers” include: the District Attorney, certain judges, lawyers, police and individuals like me. Mr. Flanders has filed numerous formal complaints against them resulting in a huge cost to tax-payers and the consumption of valuable time and money for the targeted individuals.

Anyway, a respected organization in Massachusetts dedicated to informing the public on issues related to sex activists posted the letter in 2007 on their website. In Nov. of 2011, Mr. Flanders took issue with this and convinced a judge in the state of Maine that the spokesman for this organization was “stalking” him and obtained a Personal Protection Order against Brian Camenker. Mr. Flanders then sued Mr. Camenker for 1 million dollars, $500,000.00 of which is because Mr. Flanders is homosexual and thinks he deserves additional damages due to his sexual preference.

Well, I don’t like these kinds of litigious bully tactics, so I interviewed Mr. Camenker about the situation on my Internet talk show called RoadKill

I also had my producer invite Mr. Flanders on. The next thing you know, Mr. Flanders is threatening me! He contacted our video streaming company, lied to them and almost succeeded in pulling us off the Internet – he has done this to numerous others.

But you know I couldn’t help myself, I don’t like liars or bullies so I retained a respected lawyer who quickly resolved the problem. Then Mr. Flanders threatened my lawyer, demanding that he lie about his representation of RoadKill and that he cease acting on our behalf!

I have since learned that Mr. Flanders is now suing a respected judge in Maine, a university, and a police department as well as Mr. Camenker. I am beginning to wonder; Is this a case of vexatious litigation due to querulous paranoia? Or is it my problem?

Dr. Phil, why do I perceive Mr. Flanders as a bully? Why am I compelled to stop this bully? Can you help me and all the others who are trying to counter the lies and bully tactics of this man and others like him?

Please Dr. Phil, please tell me why can’t I be like so many others and just accept that whatever a homosexual sex activist says is to be deemed as truth – even when it is a lie? Why do I care more about the best interests of children and truth than offending a political sex activist or in this case a registered sex offender?

You know Dr. Phil the other victories I have won on these fronts…too many to mention here – against sex activists bullies – leads me to believe my problem, albeit rare, just might be a really good one!

Eek! See how deluded I am!
Quick! Please help me!

I’m Kari Simpson and you can contact me by email at

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  1. One of the best editorials. Congratulations! BTW, Dr. Phil is a bully himself.

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