Aug 132012

Brian Lilley speaks to Kari Simpson, the conservative radio host censored – temporarily – by Vimeo for merely reporting a factually correct news story.

  2 Responses to “Sun News Network: Vimeo Killed the Radio Star”

  1. brian lilley looks uncomfortable because he knows that if anyone in the media critisize homosexuals your career is over. and it doesnt matter if you work for sun news fox news or any so called conservative media outlet.

    • Sad commentary that covering a news story has to instill fear in any reporter. Neither Sun News nor RoadKill Radio criticized this Flanders guy for being gay. It sounds like he’s a disturbed young man who feels entitled to behave badly because he belongs to a “protected class.” So much for equality. Shame on Vimeo for over-the-top political correctness.

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