Aug 072012

It seems that RoadKill Radio has ruffled a couple of sensitive feathers, which in turn has prompted a request for our video streaming service, Vimeo, to censor us. Vimeo has cowered to this oversensitive censor and has deleted more than 200 of our videos – representing nearly 2 years worth of diligent work – for no legitimate reason!

RoadKill Radio will NOT be censored. Our videos will be re-posted in the coming days and weeks, streaming from servers where truth and free speech still hold value.

See this story and video about the convicted sex offender who is causing all this trouble, and stay tuned for updates…

See ya soon!

  4 Responses to “RoadKill Radio is TEMPORARILY Interrupted…”

  1. Of all people they choose to censor Kari ??? There are many, many things I choose not to view or listen to because they are disgustingly repugnant to the eye and the mind of mankind, but they allow things of that nature to be published, streamed, produced!! But Kari’s stuff is informative and enlightening to what the leftwing media and leftwing judges and courts are up to and someone doesnt like that? The CBC is allowed to run attacks, run fake poles, produce porn and air it all funded by taxpayer money? The cbc has now taken it upon itself who is a pro NDP, Pro homosexual, Pro everything left is going to make a film on Jack Layton. This should be blocked by the government of canada. CBC and the left forced the government to have a funeral like he was some Premier or something at taxpayer expense , forced on us by leftwing media. They are going to use some lesbian woman who masturbates on tv (according to sun news)) to be jacks wife? This all seems to be OK for the CBC. This should be left to private media to do …not CBC.

  2. Hello RKR……it’s unfortunate about the “temporary” streaming interruption, but it is not surprising when one wants to delve into certain subject matter which brings the light of truth into the dark places where festering rats exists. Remember, we live in a kleptocracy. It may be that some of these rats have been over-exposed via your reporting and are reacting in the only way they know. You are winning.
    “Fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives.” V 2005
    Eldric V

  3. First I want to say I saw your interview on Sun News and I think it is absolutely appalling what has happened to you. I am the account manager for the JMBG network. We provide web hosting and other services and would like to extend our services to you if you would like another venue to speak the truth. Best of luck and good job thus far!!

  4. I don’t know about right or left…What I do know is that there is a concerted effort by the mainstream media, the politicians (of many stripe and party) and the lawyers who are busy making profit off this venture. Good for you for sticking it out. Censoring news is as about as politically correct as burning books was in Germany in the late ’30’s.

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