Jul 132012

Kari Simpson and Ron Gray look at two more reasons why parents MUST evacuate the Public Education system! Examined is the Liberal Party of BC's latest Nasty App for kids to help them police bullies. Can you say 1930s Germany? How does turning our public school kids into anonymous snitches help them? Plus: Catherine McGregor's insidious plan to "re-norm" your children through public school and eventually deconstruct society – a Plan that is ALREADY UNDER WAY!

  One Response to “Culture Guard: Public Education 101 – Crafting Wimps and Snitches!”

  1. Thankyou Kari for your work regarding these important matters. Like you say people must get involved in their schools and whats going on there. I watch this and become very frustrated, helpless and angry at people like Catherine Mcgregor who promote crap like this. When I bring it up to someone they ignore it or …oh well what can you do ? I write letters to government and get no response. I guess you have to draw a picture of a gun to get any response from media or anyone else. If you voice your concern like on cknw ..what you get is ya, dont be homophobic and your let go quickly? I know we need to somehow arouse people in the community to start caring, especially those with kids in school.

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