Jul 102012

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they speak to free speech champion Marc Lemire, the leading force in the campaign to remove the oppressive Section 13 from Canada's Human Rights Code. Is the tide finally turning in favour of free speech in Canada?

  4 Responses to “RoadKill Radio News: Canada Attacks Free Speech with Entrapment and Intimidation”

  1. Fantastic interview. I am just shocked at what Richard Warman and the Canadian government did.

    We need a Royal Commission to investigate the censors

  2. Not with the CSBC flexing its muscle against Sun News.

  3. James G. (Jerry) Flynn
    103-1910 Capistrano Drive
    Kelowna, BC, V1V 2S5

    July 3, 2012
    Mr. Ron Cannan, MP
    Kelowna-Lake Country
    114-1835 Gordon Drive,
    Kelowna, B.C.
    Dear Mr. Cannan,
    National Security – Wireless Electric Power Grid
    As my federal representative, please convey my serious concerns to the Prime Minister that he is being very badly-advised on crucial matters impacting directly on Canada’s National Security, i.e., our national electric power system. At this very moment electric utilities across Canada are racing to convert their electrical power installations from hard-wired to wireless meshed grid systems, the basis of which is the telecom industry’s wireless “smart meter.” As you know, a smart meter contains two, separate microwave radio transmitter-receiver-antenna circuits: one for internal use; the other for meter-to-meter connectivity throughout the entire meshed grid network.
    I am a retired Royal Canadian Navy/Canadian Armed Forces officer who was commissioned from the ranks. For 22 of my 26-plus years in the military, I was employed in a “special” branch of military radio communications, from which I gained considerable knowledge of and expertise in radio warfare (RW), electronic warfare (EW). Relevant to this subject, I spent two years as the Executive Officer (2-i/c) and Operations Officer of one of Canada’s largest “special” radio stations. Following that, I was posted to National Defense Headquarters, for another two years, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare (DEW) as Staff Officer EW, charged with supporting Canada’s Land EW squadron in Kingston, ON.
    Insofar as Canada’s National Security is concerned, absolutely no technology is more vulnerable to attack than is a “wireless” one, as has been demonstrated recently by the “Stuxnet” “Flame”and “Duqu” cyber attacks, the first of which was featured recently on CBS News’ 60 Minutes program and can be viewed at: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7413424nhttp://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504803_162-57389729-10391709/stuxnet-copycats-let-the-hacking-begin/
    But wireless radio systems are equally vulnerable – perhaps even more so – to attacks from individual malcontents, terrorist organizations and rogue nations having some knowledge of

    RW/EW. One only has to Google “HAARP” (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) to realize that the USA and Russia, and possibly others, have in their arsenals weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying another nation’s critical infrastructure (electric power grid, transportation, communications, etc.) and vital agriculture and ecological systems simply by “bouncing” extraordinarily powerful radio frequency (RF) signals off the ionosphere at an appropriate angle to deflect the resultant energy ‘bump’ back down toward the desired location on Earth. A “wireless” meshed grid network could not withstand such an attack, meaning that the entire nation would be without any power whatsoever! Whereas, with a hard-wired fiber optic cable system, even if a large area or region of the national grid were demolished, the remainder of the country would still have power and be able to function. Canada would survive the attack.
    Anyone with a basic understanding of radio communications knows that even simple “Jamming” of the grid’s operating frequency(ies) – at one or more geographic locations- would be very effective in disrupting the grid in the region(s) subjected to the jamming. Every military organization in the world and likely every major terrorist organization has an arsenal of RW weapons, only one of which would be a jamming capability.
    Wireless radio systems are also very susceptible to nature’s solar storms, solar flares, electrical storms, all of which can render useless terrestrial radio communications over large regions of the planet. It is known that NASA (North American Space Agency) has been predicting for some time that possibly as soon as this year, the Earth will enter an extremely turbulent period of solar storms that the scientists predict will have devastating effects on major regions of the planet.
    Of all the communications technologies available today, there is only one to be utilized where matters of national security are concerned – hard-wired, fiber optic cable. While it is impossible to prevent an occasional, limited power outage and an occasional system failure from happening, fiber optic cable is far and away the safest, most prudent and reliable technology available today. Only the telecom industry would be so stupid as to recommend wireless products, which is exactly what they’re doing – with far too much success, unfortunately. But, like the tobacco industry before them, the telecom industry’s only interest is for profit and return on investment. They don’t care at all about Canada’s national security.
    Respectfully yours,

    James G. (Jerry) Flynn

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