Jul 012012

In a defiant display of gloating over his intended demise of Canadian culture, Vulture Guard's General Disorder mocks our national anthem on Canada Day with his own twisted version. Is he right? Has apathetic Canada slipped too far down the slope of political correctness and complacency? Will you join in the demise? Or resist, fight back? Show them all is not lost! Get involved! Speak up! Plan to Survive.

Vulture Guard’s “No, Canada” …

No, Canada
You’ve given up your land
To laziness, greed, and childish demands

With hungry eyes, we see our prize
The cold north sick and weak

Don’t act surprised
No Canada, you caused your own defeat

God left your land – spurned by decree
No Canada, it’s Vulture Guard for thee

No Canada, it’s Vulture Guard for thee

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