Jun 202012

Nothing New!!!

That’s right, for the first time since late March, RoadKill Radio is taking a well-deserved break! Well, sort of…

We’re working on new material and are already shooting some of next week’s shows. Of special interest should be our “Drive For Justice” series, a close examination of Kari Simpson‘s real-life defamation lawsuit against the liar Rafe Mair. This story is full of vindictive, defamatory behavior by the former CKNW talk show host, judicial corruption (Madame Justice M. Marvyn Koenigsberg is at the top of our list), and the illegal changing of federal law by an unchecked Supreme Court. And it’s not over yet…

So please browser the hundreds of videos and written commentary on RoadKillRadio.com and stay tuned next Monday, June 25, for all new shows each day of the week.

Every Week on RoadKillRadio.com

Be Informed on Issues that are Ignored or Misrepresented by the Downstream Media
Hidden Political Agendas, Dangers of Smart Meters and Vaccines, Proposed Changes in the Law, Judicial Chicanery, Threats to Parental Rights, Rampant Tax Waste…

Mondays: Drive For Justice
Ron Gray hosts this explosive series that exposes a myriad of incidents of judicial corruption and treason involved in one of Canada’s most scandalous libel cases, as he follows Kari’s Simpson’s very public campaign to hold the corrupt judges accountable.  This is a take-no-prisoners series.  We name the lawyers and judges involved, plus we’ll provide you with all the background documentation.  This important historical campaign will result in judicial accountability and is dedicated to all the judges and lawyers who honourably uphold the Rule of Law.  It is time to end the mischief.  It is time to end judicial corruption and the judicial activism of the “Court Party” that has perverted the Rule of Law, undermined our civil democracy, and defiled the administration of justice.  You will want to be on this road trip!

Tuesdays: RoadKill Radio News
Kari Simpson and Ron Gray host our flagship show, presenting timely interviews with movers and shakers in government, business, the public, and behind the scenes.

Wednesdays: This Day in History or The National Absurder
Alternately, Mark Hasiuk presents brief history lessons and draws comparisons to current events, while Jim Lawter comments on issues that often don’t even occur to people – and sometimes probably shouldn’t!

Thursdays: The Mark Hasiuk Show
Mark Hasiuk interviews a wide spectrum of guests in his quest to bring you stories that the Downstream (“Mainstream”) Media are afraid to cover – or are paid to ignore.

Fridays: Culture Guard
Kari Simpson interviews guests regarding the health, safety and well-being of Canadians and their culture, with an emphasis on freedom of choice and expression, equality for all, and putting Government and Corporations back in their place as servants of the public rather than our masters.

Saturdays: Family Freedom Fighters
Ron Gray presents his commentary and interviews guests, always with an eye on preserving and promoting the rights and freedoms of families everywhere.

Sundays: The Prophets War
Something new, different and educational!  An ongoing drama about the struggle to maintain our civil society.  The Enemy: subversive forces that implement plans designed to create societal havoc and distraction.  Have you ever wondered why you have to pay so much in tax?  Why do you have to pay for somebody else’s sex change operation?  Why won’t the government label GMO foods?  Tune in every week for this one!  Be strong – Plan to Survive!

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