Feb 152012

Patti Bacchus and her Vision Party-dominant school board in Vancouver BC
has been working with sex activists to bring political indoctrination
into the Vancouver public school system. The VSB rubber stamps a provably
harmful program called “Out in Schools” that is “approved” by a mysterious
committee whose members remain “secret”! They give “approval” to a program
that falsely claims to having been submitted for approval by the Ministry of
Education, a program that promotes “youth links” to hard core gay porn sites
and encourages students to use hateful slurs to counter factual discourse on
issues related to homosexuality! No ongoing oversight. No benchmarks, and
no goals. Just blatant abuse of taxpayer money and abuse of the trust of
parents who are never notified of these programs.

Join Kari Simpson and Ron Gray as they detail the situation and explain
why they are filing a formal complaint with the School Board on behalf
of concerned parents and their victimized children.

  4 Responses to “Vancouver School Board Shenanigans EXPOSED!”

  1. Praise the LORD! Thank you Kari Simpson, we pray for you and your ministry.

  2. [Webmaster’s Note: The following post is a typical example of why we are forced to review comments from new posters (previously approved posters can comment again at will). The writer is uncivil, mis-states our Comments policy, childishly defames one of our team, cowardly hides behind a fake email address (afraid of being sued, “Jack”?), and shows a clear lack of comprehensive skills as he clearly doesn’t understand our point about slurs, which he then slings. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Hater and Bully of the Day, Jack…]

    It’s funny that all the comments have to be approved. It really shows a huge misrepresentation of the site, because if the comments were allowed to be posted without moderation- a majority of them would be speaking against your disgusting/unrealistic homophobic views. And no it’s not a slur, because a slur is a false accusation, when it’s pretty clear (judging on your pathetic excuse for an introduction video) that you’re a neo-nazi christian homophobic. Not to mention you’re a 60 years old, 40 pound overweight, red head.

    • Wow, Jack, you really hit the nail on the head! Your comment is the Perfect example of how “homophobic” is used as a slur. As a bonus, you reveal yourself as a bully. You don’t even get it, do you? You’re so mired in hate and prejudice that you can’t accept anyone else with a different point of view or different set of moral values than you. And you can’t even keep a civil tone, resorting to lies, slurs and name calling instead of trying to make a point. Your mother must be so ashamed of you, poor boy.

      • Jack can’t be blamed for his obvious shortcomings. Sure he’s a bully, but he was Born That Way!

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