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Almost 100 international studies have been conducted looking at the link between media portrayals of suicide and suicidal behaviour. There is strong support for the relationship between media reporting and
increases in completed and attempted suicide rates. These increases cannot be explained by suicides that may have occurred anyway, as they are not followed by commensurate decreases in rates.1

A major 1995 study of coverage in Australian newspapers found that rates of male suicide increased following reports of suicide, with actual male suicides peaking on the third day after the story first appeared.2

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Australian research on the media’s coverage of suicide, and if that coverage has a direct impact on local suicide rates, is unavailable. However, psychologist Dr Daniel Romer, at a session at the American Psychological Association’s 2003 Annual Convention, said that the media played a role in approximately 10 per cent of all suicide deaths among people 25-years or younger, either by giving them the idea to commit suicide or by providing those who are vulnerable with information on specific methods.

  2 Responses to “The Truth About Teen Suicide”

  1. Than shouldn’t you be more concerned about violence in todays society than homosexuality..? More straight people die of aids (and carry aids) than gay people.

    • Absolutely wrong, Brian. About 27% of AIDS carriers are heterosexual men, while about 47% are homosexual men.

      You’re absolutely right that we should be more concerned about violence in today’s society. The willful and/or careless transmission of AIDS is one form of violence against all people. Teaching children that homosexuality is good without addressing the inherent health dangers of promiscuous sex (of any sexuality) is blatantly irresponsible.

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