Sep 202011

Contact Elected Officials!

Premier Christy Clark
Tel: (250) 387-1715, Email:

George Abbott, Minister for Education –
Tel (250) 387-1977, Email:

Kevin Falcon, Minister of Finance –
Tel (250) 387-3751, Email

Ida Chong, Minister Community, Sport and Cultural Development –
Tel: (250)387-2283, Email:

Demand that:

  1. All taxpayer funding be stopped to the Out On Screen Society
  2. Out In Schools must be Out Of Schools immediately!
  3. Minister Abbott issue a directive prohibiting homosexist and sex diversity activist’s political propaganda from being used or displayed in the schools. For example, information by: Pride Information Network, Egale, Options for Sexual Health (Won’t get Weird), Queer Film Festival, Out In Schools and Qmunity.

Contact Sponsors!

BC Arts Council
Tel (250) 356-1718, Email

Telus – Darren Entwistle, President & CEO –
Tel: (604) 697-8044, Email:

Vancouver Foundation
Tel: (604) 688-2204 Email:


Demand that:

  1. They stop funding Out On Screen/Out in Schools, a program that exposes students to hard core pornography and games of “debauchery”
  2. They cease funding of groups or other initiatives that politicize the public education system.
  3. Advise corporate sponsors that you do business with that you will actively participate in and promote a boycott of their services if they fail to stop funding the Out In Schools program.

One more important contact!

Our tax-funded BC Place Stadium is about to grant a multi-million dollar contract to a corporation for the naming rights to the stadium, TELUS is said to be the leading contender! Do you want your stadium named after a corporation that facilitates, through the schools, minors being indoctrinated with sex activism and pornography?


Pat Bell, Minister for Jobs Tourism & Innovation –
(Minister responsible for BC Place stadium)
Tel (250) 356-2771, Email:

Warren Buckley, President & CEO PavCo –
(Corporation that runs BC Place)Tel: (604) 484-5210, Email:

Demand that:

TELUS be removed from the list of corporations in the running for this contract until such time as they publicly state that they have stopped funding and sponsoring the OUT IN SCHOOLS programs!

  5 Responses to “Contacts for your “Out In Schools” concerns”

  1. Thank you Kari Simpson, Ron Gray and LifeSiteNews for protecting our children and exposing the homosexual agenda in tax funded schools, under the guise of “bulllying”.  We will hold the Ministry of Education, and its minions, responsible for permitting this unsafe behavior that puts children at risk.

    Thank you all again on behalf of very all concerned citizens.

  2. I found a “FEEDBACK” form online for VanCity where complaints can be lodged.  I am posting for others’ information:  :O)

  3. Correct Kevin Falcon address:

  4. I’ve written my letters and have received a response from two of the sponsors.  I don’t think they understand the connection of OIS to gay porn.  It’s not just us parents disagreeing with the teaching of the LGBT viewpoint…it is about OIS exposing/luring kids to hard core gay pornography. 

    This is one of the responses and the one I received from VanCity was quite similar:

    “I regret that you have such a negative opinion of Out On Screen/Out In


    Vancouver Foundation strongly believes in a community where people are
    treated equally and where there is tolerance and compassion for those of us who
    are different. For this reason we fund projects and organizations that help
    promote understanding and build bridges between communities of people.”

    This is extremely frustrating that these organizations are “getting it”. 

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