Jul 122011

With Kari Simpson & Ron Gray!

Show #109, Part 1, audio only:

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7:30 – 8:15 pm: BRIAN CAMENKER from “MassResistance” (a RoadKill Radio favourite!) joins us from Massachusetts to talk about the cuts made to the “Safe School” programs, AKA Gay Propaganda 101, in the US! This is good news!! Maybe the Burnaby School Trustees will take the hint! BUT WAIT! Here’s what’s going on in California, mandatory pro-gay propaganda! Check out this elementary school transgendered +++ lesson! Click here.

  4 Responses to “MassResistance against Gay Propaganda”

  1. It’s so refreshing to hear some active resistance to the gay agenda! We need to stand against this insidious plan to destroy and demoralize our children. I shudder to think that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will soon be forced to accept this propanganda! We need to stand and resist this onslaught of filth.  

    •  we as a society do not have to accept this rearranging of our mores by the gay agenda.  We must be brave and speak out at every turn.  And, when you are met with hate and villified for speaking out against perversion and immorality, do not be cowed.  Respond even more definitely and yet, politely, that you are not “homophobes, bigots, rednecks..etc” and you have  a right to speak out and defend a moral lifestyle. 

  2. Well it looks like your campaign against GBLT is winning. Another teen has committed suicide. Are you folks proud of yourself.


    • Cheryl, what a sick thing to say, cheering a teen’s suicide like a point scored for your team. Aren’t you paying attention? The people at this site are against bullying, against adults preying on kids through fake “anti-bullying” programs, against exposing kids to porn, against the suppression of free speech, and against all the hate that’s spewing from people like you. Offering a rare venue for free speech – for yours as well as those you don’t agree with – is something you should applaud. What have you ever done to combat the assaults on our children that lead to depression and suicide?

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