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Rhonda Bailey is a Salmon Arm, BC, social worker for the Ministry of Children and Family Development. She has fabricated “evidence” and controlled professional access in order to abduct two infants from this loving couple. How many times she has done this, we do not know. Her superiors aid her in this aberrant behaviour because, frankly, the Ministry’s primary source of income is billing the government $90,000 per year per child that they take into custody. She’s a great soldier for the Ministry, but a lousy public servant.

What can we do about the Rhonda Baileys of the world? Please write to your local MLA. If nobody complains, it’s our own fault this continues.


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  1. This is the most terrible thing that has ever happened to my loving and caring family. Please watch this and help us fight against Abusive Social Workers. This is not right, this family is the most loving and caring family.

    • I know your pain my one and only child was also unlawfully abducted by CPS who lied to build their case and broke the 4th amendment when they entered my home without consent to rob me of my own child. Its ironic that the system who is meant to protect children actually takes them from the good parent and hands them to the abusive one or puts them into abusive foster care . Also ironic is the fact that I’m a professional childcare provider who gets paid to care for other peoples kids yet I have to pay more than I earn an hour just to see my own in a supervised environment for less than 2hrs a month. my child was 3yrs when they robbed her 6yrs ago, my pain grows deeper as the years pass by, they pay my abusers family a salary to screw up my child, and here I am every xmas spending it alone. It helps to know I’m not alone in my pain. god bless those afflicted by the evil system

      • Dear Onesta,
        my grandchildren were apprehended twice while MCFD supported a violent and abusive father with his malicious attack on the mother and maternal family. I have now gathered evidence that social workers used falsified medical records, over 100 lies in their reports and more than 50 deliberate lies in court. My proof for the lies includes written evidence from the RCMP. I am now filing 4 different affidavits to the court and have requested to have false statements removed from the file, as is our legal right. I am looking for other parents wanting to clear their name, but don’t know how to. It took me 5 years to learn what I know now and it is my opinion that we have to bombard the family court as well as our politicians with our information. If you don’t know how to find the lies the Ministry uses, I can help. I also like to let you know that I do not trust lawyers. They only take your money and tell you to do what the Ministry tells you to. I am trying to find ways that families stand up to MCFD together. Every thing I do is totally confidential until you make it public knowledge. 2 years ago I helped grandparents get their grandson, who parents both were drug addicted and the Ministry threatened to take the baby away, because the parents could not keep the peace with the grandparents. They just wanted money for more drugs and wanted nothing to do with the baby. If I don’t hear from you, I wish you the very best and hopefully you can find a way to get your child back soon. Take care, Petra.

    • Hello I too know the true misworking of the MCFD who currently stole my children one month ago they won’t answer my calls ever not even the office that is there supposibly for parents to file complaints they said they would return my call within 2 days its been 3 weeks and 4 days still no call. They without even meeting me have go to court and got an order to keep my daughters without even notifying me even when i rode my bike to the mcfd building the day of court no one even bothered to tell me. No they want to make me look bad in front of a judge, now without even meeting me or speaking to me based on my old landlords complaints about me due to the fact I am suing her in small claims court for several thousand dollars possible more as there looks to be signs health wise of black mold and aespestos poisioning in our home along with the fact rather than store our belongings for the required amount of time went into the home while we were in the middle of moving and through out all of our belongings which is highly illegal to do. So now cuz she knows how important my daughters are to me the only way she thinks she I will drop the lawsuit is if she uses my kids to get the powerr by calling mcfd and making up horrible accusations. I however; am a very loyal dedicated mom who loves her children and I have several letter of reference i have taken every parenting course there is offered. I have a nice home loaded with food my girls and I are very close always together haven’t ever been apart and now it has been one month before we were able to see one another, under supervision for a lousy 2 hours. The kelowna MCFD is horribly evil they have no desire to keep families together they are trying to give them up for adoption before even meeting me once, Kelsey the investigator is the worst of them all she passed judgement so she can get a bigger bonus at the end of the year and she doesnt even have children of her own even the team leader Cheryl is so unprofessional that after 25 messages i have left she still has not gotten back to me even once. They say they are about the children but explain to me how taking children from their loving home and putting themwith strangers then in an orphanage until they get adopted and people want young children not 9 and 6 year olds so its possible that my girls could be in the system until the age of 18 and we all know what happens to children that grow uyp in the system their lives are horrible they grow feeling unloveed, unwanted and very hard to trust people. So please please can someone give me the name of a lawyer who helps parents and hates MCFD cuz I have a royal battle on my hands but its worth the fight… All the best to the parents out there dealing with the monsters at the MCFD if we all file complaints and speak to our local MLA eventaully they will have to listen and make the necessary changes that are needed to auctually protect the rights of family and friends…

  2. There is a formal process for families to make complaints with MCFD if they feel that they or their child/ren are being unfairly treated or the social worker is acting inappropriately. Your concerns go to the Community Services Manager for investigation and if you are not able to resolve the issue at that level then your next step is to make a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsperson. While this isn’t a perfect process, it is what there is. Good luck in your journey!

  3. Jon Perry, all suggested by you steps had been taken to no avail looong before this clip was published. The system is designed to run the parents around in circles until beaten down into submission by exhaustion and hopelessness. RoadKill Radio is one among very few and far between independent voices calling for social justice. They deserve this credit.

    • I agree with you. Not even politicians answered my requests. Unfortunately, I even experienced that our family court uses discrimination and makes judgments in MCFD’s favour. I have the proof in a 52 page court transcript. Let’s not give up though.

      Bad people do bad things because good people don’t do anything about it.

      Lets get together good people.

  4. Rhonda Bailey should have been fired from her job a long time ago and criminally charged for breaching a court order that was in force at the time this conversation was recorded. Canadian courts are toothless.

  5. UPDATE.
    Rhonda Bailey has been transferred from Salmon Arm to the Prince George MCFD office, removed from direct dealing with the MCFD “clients” and, according to unconfirmed sources, assigned to clerical duties, i.e. taking care of clients’ files.
    It’d be a good idea if RKR followed through on Magda and Kevin’s story after having done such an excellent job. I kept reposting this video seven times after it was being taken down by YouTube and spread it through FaceBook, which eventually has led to popping up of this page after Googling Rhonda Bailey’s name.
    It seems that documenting MCFD’s misbehaviour and publicising it works. I still believe that if we keep pounding, Rhonda Bailey will be eventually fired from her job and even criminally charged, although the latter won’t be simple to accomplish. My sincere appreciation for all RKR does to restore our hijacked democracy and Charter rights. Thank you!

  6. The family court system is criminal, money driven syndicate which is government-approved and in fact, mandated! It is a cesspool of corrupt judges, lawyers, psychologists and social workers working in collusion to implement a Soviet-style social engineering project–Lenin said “destroy the family, destroy the country” and that is the intent here while profiting off your children through the harvesting of children in foster homes. It is wickedness and must be resisted. Leave the country if you can. Document and record everything. Don’t trust social workers and be very careful about trusting lawyers as some are in on it. Never let social workers or police into your home without a court order or search warrant. They are immoral agents and act in violation of the very law they should uphold. Protect your family and get the great information at http://www.fixcas.com Although an Ontario site, it is full of very useful advise and resources. Social workers are evil and unaccountable. Protect your family!

    • not much hope of going to a country that doesnt have a corrupt family court system, we here in aistralia have it just a bad kids being stolen faster than you can even get to court, the whole thing is a disgrace to humankind everywhere

    • Sandi Armstrong Lachapelle
      I have worked as a Family Lay Advocate in the Province of British Columbia and I have license to state that Rhonda Bailey is typical of the personalities I had occasion to interface with in Judge’s Chambers while in Family Conferences and i
      n hearings. The protection workers across the country have one agenda and act accordingly. (Indoctrinated by Social Work Standards whose framework is directly connected to Critical Social Theory; a marxist – communist theory introduced to schools of social work in 1934 through Ivy League Universities ie/ Princeton and Columbia.) I have to state, however, the most arrogant, linear thinking, destructive, hard – nosed, and insecure professionals in any child & family program, I have ever had occasion to “interface”with ( and in cases related to working or interfacing with The Ministry of Children and Family Development, a sublime way to state ‘go to war’ against) are the Child Protection Social Workers from British Columbia. Rhonda Bailey hails from the Interior of B.C. I advocated for families in the Central Valley and Lower Mainland and…….YEP! THEY’RE ALL CUT FROM THE SAME, FEARFUL CLOTH! I’ve advocated in Ontario, too; however, it’s been my experience that Ontario workers, although they harbour the same indoctrination and subsequent agenda, negotiations can be completed without someone having to steak his/her life in the deal!

  7. If one Googles “Rhonda Bailey” this page comes on top. An excellent job, Roadkill Radio, not to mention that helping this poor family brought more audience to this excellent webcasting site and its outstanding team of professionals. Many thanks!

  8. I live in canton ohio I have 2 kids my kids have been put up for adoption illegal we have to all come together in all states we have to stop cps / family court I’m trying to start my own organization the organization will help parents / families that have had there children / grandchildren taken wrongful or have been put up for illegal adoption / sale we need a organization in all states a lot of innocent parents / families have have had there children / grandchildren illegal taken I live in ohio I would like for people in all states to contact me my e-mail is kindnessohio@att.net Let’s all keep fighting

  9. As of the most recent reports Rhonda Bailey has been placed on a paid stress leave in order to take her out of site and control damage and embarrassment she brought on otherwise infamous BC MCFD. The MCFD and Kelowna Crown prosecutor Duncan Campbell keep trying to take all YouTube postings of this video down, but without too much success. you may call him and ask why:

    Duncan J Campbell

    Crown Counsel
    Regional Crown Counsel Office

    3rd Flr Law Courts, 1355 Water St
    Kelowna, British Columbia
    V1Y 9R3

    Contact Information Phone: 250-470-6822
    Fax: 250-470-6820

  10. The present state of CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES in Canada is a perfect example of how the governments of all the provinces in Canada are CASHING IN and literally STEALING children from good caring families invoking false, deceptive (psychopsema) reasons to apprehend children from good homes – which assists them in a legal way (……. so they think) to SIPHON money from GOVERNMENT COFERS – to underhandedly provide (budjets) FUNDS / PROFIT to anyone and everyone WORKING / SUPPORTING such unethical, immoral and perhaps even CRIMINAL activities in a hidden manner.

    Nothing is being done because these funds are a sort of LAUNDERED MONEY ACCOUNT where the government can access these same funds in an incognito fashion, allowing them to carry on further and other questionable activities WITHOUT HAVING THEIR FIUNDS . ACTIVITIES traceable by any law enforcement agency in Canada.

    IN EFFECT, THE PRACTICE OF CHILD PROTECTION IN CANADA HAS BECOME NOTHING MORE THAN A MASSIVE “CARTEL TYPE” OF “SLUSH FUNDS” which is available on a dime – to any government official needing said funds for any purposes whatsoever.


    • This money (almost 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR) feeds hundreds of family and criminal lawyers, prosecutors, “shrinks” and other social parasites as well as judges, courthouse staff and other members of legal, foster and group home, adoptive and other associated industries.

  11. Having recently been through Family court for custody of my son l have experienced first hand the cracks in our system . Problem is it will continue to happen unless we all do somethng about it, there is power in numbers. It is not only CPS but many of the so called “experts” heavily relied upon bu Family Court. Even when reports are blatently incorrect , or misleading no one is willing to stand up to these Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers to make them accountable. There are no penalties for false accusations and the court process often serves as another avenue for the perpetrator to exercise his dominance and aggression. Consequently it is often not the voices of children that are heard but the victorious clinking of wine glasses for a job “well done.”

  12. Well then, join me in a Federal Class Action against the Attorney General of Canada et al. We will hold the corrupt authorities accountable and demand restitution for our families and our children. Write to me at viewsofthechild@gmail.com if you are serious about doing something to combat the corruption in our family law system in Canada.

  13. Rhonda is back and practicing again in the Salmon Arm area. I have more information, but it will take a bit more time.

  14. I agree that there does need to be accountability in the ministry. However, this entire video is incredibly biased and if this couple wants my support, they need to be willing to share both sides of the story. Why does Magda not have custody of her first child? What things were told to Kevin’s Mother that were “exaggerated?” and under what allegations were the children apprehended? From what I have seen this social worker IS guilty of breaching confidentiality and did have a confrontational tone. However, what is wrong with requesting that the individuals at visits have criminal background checks? This story is incredibly biased and unless you can provide me with more evidence, I for one will not be contacting my MLA.

    • Biased? OK How is this. When we went to the presentation hearing, we listened for an entire day as my wifes attorney brought evidence out that Rhonda Bailey fabricated evidence. What we went through as a family was biased, my mother accused by this self same admitted fabricator. Both parents being placed at risk (absurd) of “being at risk to kidnap” the unborn child. Yes, my child WAS kidnapped, and by the self-same ministry that is suppossed to protect them. You want proof? I have literally THOUSANDS of hours of recordings, a huge file of paper work and a massive amount of anecdotal evidence. As for the woman who was suppossed to have a “criminal background check? Well. She according to court transcripts is a supporty person. PS, If you go through the actual interim court order, you will find that the MCFD did none of the things that the order mandated. None. As for Magda and myself? We did everything.

  15. Not to worry, people, it isn’ t just natural families the Ministry deliberately destroys. I WAS a fostervparent of two special needs native boys. My life was virtually destroyed because I advocated for my kids. Case brought against me after youngest boy ‘repatriated’ illegally (without due process) to Band. RCMP investigated, I was TOTALLY EXONORATED. Was Level 3. MCFD would never clear me to foster, also told others not to hire me, though they are NEVER supposed to give ‘ references’. Lawyers would not go against MCFD.
    Oldest boy went back to reserve. Both drank, drugged. Youngest ran away, back to me. They came and got him.
    Oldest murdered 7 years ago, youngest committed suicide two years ago. Oldest was Fasd/developmentally delayed; yougest was FASD.
    I am on disability. Went to highest level of Govt., step by step. Was lied to all the way.
    My oldest graduated high school; both boys were beautiful pow wow dancers, who had gone with me and our group to performances and pow wows throughout Canada and the US, on my dime, NOT THE MCFD OR THE BAND.
    Their deaths were needless. My family mourns them every day, as do their natural families, with whom I got along well. Much more to this story, just wanted to say that not ALL foster parents are evil. I WAS also a Registered Social Worker in BC, so the system works to destoy it’ s own, as well. …

    • The crimes that were perpetrated decades ago with the “Rez school” seems to point to the MCFD’s appraoch being generational. The idea of the “Rez school was indeed a look at the twisted vision of eugenics. The problems that we face each and every day is a reminder of how far we have to go before we live in a just society. Dian, you are also representative of the damage that has been inflicted by a ministry that seems to have either been spawned from Orwell’s imagination or even worse, Adolf Hitlers (wikipedia “lebensborn” for proof on this). I, in a way am lucky (in the way someone, who clipped by a train and left with a severe limp, yet are still alive is lucky). My children were adopted by someone who is in my view, a decent person. Does this mean I believe that she should have been given “carte blanche” to raise my children? No. But she at least is honourable (unlike the MCFD and their Ministry backed “Childrens first” mandate given by a semi-literate, uneducated fool of a premier). The point is the MCFD is not a caring bunch of well wishers. They are a pack of overfed beuraucrats that need a serious “revision”. You have suffered, I have suffered hudreds have suffered and even collectively British Columbians have suffered. We must work to make sure our voices are heard and demand answers.

  16. Google mcfd corruption
    That video is my story about those PARASITES

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