May 222011

May 19, 2011 (RKRNews) — Did you hear the rumble? With a subterranean roar, RoadKill Radio set off a Parents’ Revolution Tuesday night.

With guests Helen Ward of Kids First (in the studio) and Joanne McGarry, executive director of the Catholic Civil Rights League (on the telephone from Toronto), Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill pasted the agenda to erode parental/children’s rights to the wall, using clear, simple logic and facts to overcome lies and propaganda.

Early in the broadcast, Helen Ward told us, ”Putting children in daycare guarantees that they’ll have a higher rate of illness. All the studies of daycare in Quebec show that the quality is mediocre in 73 percent of the cases!”

RKR co-host Kari Simpson cited arrogance within the judiciary: in the Surrey book case, the judge said, in effect: “To heck with the kids, to heck with the parents; the kids have to have this information” – although no research says they need it.

Terry O’Neill added, “We discover striking evidence that children are worse off (in day-care) in the number of dimensions…” He then cited research showing that shows child-care actually hurts kids and parents.

Helen Ward pointed out that parents decide what’s best for their family situation.

Kari Simpson lamented decades of propaganda and marketing by the day-care industry. “We need a bit of a parents’ revolution,” she said.

Joanne McGarry added: “Yeah. We need to reclaim our own turf.”

Helen Ward noted: “In BC they brought in all-day kindergarten; it never was an election promise. It was never mentioned.”

“What’s driving this?” asked Terry O’Neill.

“The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) produced a state-of-the-art ‘blueprint document’ about daycare: It said ‘we’re in transition from the ideology of the family to a new order of shared responsibility between the state and the parents.’

“This OECD/UNESCO document cites as positive examples of “integrated” daycare systems of Cambodia under Pol Pot, China, the USSR, Vietnam and Brazil under military dictatorship.”

Kari Simpson then quoted from a BC Human Rights Tribunal decision regarding the Abbotsford School District’s refusal to implement the Social Justice curriculum produced under the illegal Corren Agreement:

“The Course involves mature and challenging subject matter,” said the court. “It deals generally with complex issues of social justice, including concepts ranging from hegemony and economic liberalization to speciesism. Sexual orientation and gender identity are among the issues that may be considered within the Course in relation to social justice. The Course involves students examining and challenging their own beliefs, and classroom activities may include discussion and debate of a variety of potentially contentious subjects. The Course also examines issues of conflict between belief systems.”

Who authorized the Ministry of Education to “examine issues of conflict between belief systems? That violates BC’s Schools Act, which mandates “secular” education.

And what the heck is “speciesism”? Wikipedia defines it as the “assigning of different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership. The term was created by British psychologist Richard D. Ryder in 1973 to denote a prejudice against non-humans based on physical differences that are given moral value; however, it can also refer to misanthropy -a hatred of all humans because they are human.”

“It (the Social Justice 12 curriculum drafted by homosexual activists Peter and Murray Corren) was designed to attack the beliefs students learned at home,” said Kari. “Who gave the schools the authority to attack the home? This is the hijacking of the family’s role in raising children. It’s time parents said, ‘Enough is enough!’

“There’s something big here that’s got momentum,” added Terry O’Neill. “How do we stop it?”

Helen Ward noted that one action is already being taken by parents “who are leaving the public school system in droves.”

Joanne McGarry said there are two other steps by which parents can reverse the trend: “Participate in the media as much as possible; Try to get involved in the court cases.”

RoadKill Radio already provides a vehicle for parents to act on the second and third of those three revolutionary steps, and supplies helpful information about the first. Stay tuned for more action plans for the Parents’ Revolution from RKR!


NB – RoadKill Radio has still not heard from Bill Good, who was challenged May 11 to debate Kari Simpson on the Burnaby School Board’s new pro-‘gay’ Policy 5.45. Both e-mail and snail-mail were sent, so we expect to hear from Mr. Good any moment now. Stay tuned for further news!

What do gay and lesbian ‘educators’ consider to be appropriate role-playing models for students?

RKR Co-host Kari Simpson read from a classroom exercise prepared in July, 2000 by GALE-BC (Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC – now re-named Pride Education Network). Among the identities to be assumed by the teen-aged students for role-playing in the classroom were:

• 18-year-old white single heterosexual female secretary who is HIV-positive. (It would be extremely rare for a heterosexual female of that age to be HIV-positive. ~ ed.)

• White male bisexual artist (not famous yet) with a male partner. He also has a criminal record for possession of illicit drugs in the past. Currently he is a practicing Christian. (How could a “practicing Christian” be bisexual and a drug user or dealer? ~ ed)

• Asian-Canadian female nurse who is bisexual and in a committed relationship with a woman. They are raising her partner’s four Caucasian children.

• Stay-at-home heterosexual mother of three children with “traditional values”, whose husband has a six-figure income.

• First Nations bisexual female factory worker in a relationship with a white man. She practices traditional Native spirituality.

• Male-to-female transgendered truck driver in a relationship with a woman.

• 16-year-old high school student who is lesbian and is deaf. She uses sign language to communicate, and is a practicing Christian. (Again: how could a “practicing Christian” be a lesbian? ~ ed)

• 20-year-old female Caucasian sex-trade worker who is heterosexual and in a polygamous relationship with a pimp. She is addicted to heroin.

• Separated single gay white male who has custody of his 10-year-old daughter, and who works as an Elementary school teacher.

• White heterosexual Christian male who is the CEO of a multinational corporation. He is married with three children.

• 35-year-old white heterosexual female social worker who is married to a Jamaican-Canadian man. They have two children. She is a practicing Wiccan (witch ~ ed).

• Black heterosexual female lawyer who is the only woman and the only person of colour working in a prominent firm.

• White single lesbian stay-at-home mother of two small children, living on welfare.

• White 60-year-old lesbian who is a general medical practitioner and suffers from epilepsy.

• 50-year-old divorced female teacher who has raised her children, and hasn’t worked for the last 15 years. Her husband has left, and he hid their assets.

• Catholic Italian mother of three children who is a recent immigrant to Canada and does not speak English. She is married and works in an Italian bakery.

• Gay Chinese-Canadian man who is raising a disabled child with his partner.

• Indo-Canadian male psychiatrist who is heterosexual and a practicing Sikh.

• 14-year-old Japanese-Canadian lesbian Buddhist high school student.

• 17-year-old white heterosexual student, who is a sports jock and very popular in the school.

• 25-year-old Black disabled female university student (uses a wheel chair) and is a practicing Anglican.

• Closeted gay male Jewish lawyer who is married with two children. He lives with his wife but has sex with his secret male lover of several years.

• 15-year-old gay male Hispanic high school student who is a practicing Catholic. (Again: a “practicing Catholic” who is ‘gay’? The author of these exercises understands very little of Christian principles. ~ ed)

Sometimes it is fun to add cards with famous participants. Examples:

• k d lang, famous Canadian singer; lesbian, vegetarian, partnered, white.

• Svend Robinson, famous Canadian politician, white gay male, partnered, Ukrainian.

• David Suzuki, environmental activist, heterosexual, married, Japanese-Canadian.

(Note that two of the three “famous Canadians” are homosexual: 66% of the examples recommended are from a proclivity that represents less than 2% of the population. Hmmm! ~ ed)

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