Mar 082011

Show #91 Part 1

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8 March 2011 – 7:30 – 8:30 pm: Sex Talk! FREE 4 ALL!! OK, now that we have your attention – you must tune in and hear what’s happening in our tax-funded public schools! Your schools, your children, your hard-earned cash! Has public “education” become a Sex, Sexual Politics & Propaganda-fest?!? RKR’s good friend, Doris Darvasi, President of Real Women BC and an active member of Take Back our Schools, joins us for this, no-holds-barred, take- no-prisoners, discussion about why parents’ groups are calling for a boycott of the public education system and demanding full funding for education alternatives!! Click here for the RKR News story

*Please be advised, this discussion is rated NS4PC! Click here for rating information.

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