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Parents for Democracy in Education is an organization that tries to stop the teachers’ union from forcing one-sided information about dangerous, medically unsafe sexual practices into the classroom. When PDE vice-president (and occasional RKR co-host) Ron Gray was a guest on RoadKill Radio’s March 8 broadcast, he not only outlined the organization’s strategy, he also exposed how the “downstream” media distorts coverage on this issue, on which it has already adopted a position.

March 6, PDE issued a “Parents” Alert” informing the public of a booklet being distributed by the BC Teachers’ Federation—Gender Spectrum, published by Pride Education Network (formerly Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC). That booklet describes “gender” as “a spectrum” and “a product of the mind”; it says there is really a range of many gender identities besides male and female; and that gender identity development happens from birth to death. Furthermore, Gender Spectrum says there is no “correct” style of expression for males or females; and says “Being transgender or gender non-conforming is normal and healthy.”

Gray had sent a copy of Gender Spectrum to internationally-renowned expert on gender and education, Dr. Leonard Sax, author of Boys Adrift and Girls on the Edge.

Dr. Sax’s concise summary of the 62-page booklet: “Thoughtless… Badly-written… Silly.”

BCTF has also issued guides for teachers, telling them how to incorporate ideas from Gender Spectrum into the classroom. Those suggestions include students cross-dressing, or role-playing as “transgenders”—males in female bodies and/or females in male bodies.

PDE also informed parents of three pro-homosexual events planned by BCTF: a “Day of Silence” April 15; a “Day Against Homophobia” May 17; and a “Week Against Homophobia” May 17-21—and recommended that parents protect their children from BCTF brainwashing by keeping them home from school while those events are on.

On the same program segment was Doris Darvasi, president of REAL Women BC, advocating a voucher system that would allow parents to choose alternatives to the government’s tax-funded monopoly on schools.

The broadcast also played a clip of a radio interview with Gray March 7. On The World Today, CKNW host Jon McComb said “The idea that anyone gets up one morning and says, ‘I think I’ll be a homosexual’ is a ridiculous statement.”

“But it’s not a statement I ever made,” Gray said. “Jon McComb is putting words in my mouth—then calling those words ‘ridiculous’. The factual statements I made to reporter Brett Mineer—like a study published in the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association and in the International Journal of Epidemiology, that says homosexual behaviour shortens life expectancy by up to 20 years—got edited out.

“A journalist like Terry O’Neill asks where these ideas come from. They didn’t.”

Doris Darvasi interjected: “What’s being said here… is easily researchable.”

Co-host Kari Simpson queried: “Why can’t this sort of discussion take place in the ‘downstream’ media? A BCTF document acknowledges the higher prevalence of low self-esteem and emotional distress… among LGBTQ students.”

“They would say that’s because of social rejection,” co-host Terry O’Neill pointed out.

“But it’s not true,” said Gray. “In the Netherlands and Belgium, where homosexuality and even same-sex ‘marriage’ have been accepted for 15 or 20 years, the same higher incidence of psychological distress is found among homosexuals.”

Doris Darvasi summed up: “We are the primary educators of our children; nobody will ever love my child the way I love my child. I want the best for my child; so when I see things happening that are not the best—an agenda grown-ups have, and they’re using the public school system for their own agenda—I get seriously upset.

“Take your children out of school April 15,” she urged. “But you also have to sit down with them and talk to them about what’s going on in the school. That’s a parental responsibility.

“We have a lot of good teachers; but the BCTF will clamp down on them if they poke their nose up,” she added

“I would challenge the BCTF to take their own advice, and become better informed,” said Kari Simpson.

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