Mar 052011

A British Columbia group has urged parents to take their children out of school to protest “indoctrination” of students by the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF).

At the heart of the issue are BCTF’s support of the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence” April 15, and “Week Against Homophobia” May 17-21.

But Parents for Democracy in Education did not just urge parents to pull their children during those events; the PDES “Parents’ Alert” issued March 4 stated: “The very best action for concerned parents is to pull their children completely out of the tax-funded indoctrination centres that are wrongly called ‘schools’.”

PDES urged parents instead to consider home-schooling, which the group says produces better results both academically, and in terms of socialization and transmission of the culture from one generation to the next.

Two years ago, PDES sent a reporter to cover a BCTF “conference” in Abbotsford instructing teachers how to incorporate BC’s infamous Corren Settlement Agreement. The report stated that one conference speaker, Fraser Valley University professor Martha Dow, repeatedly called Christians “the enemy”; and reproduced a BCTF handout that indicated the teachers’ union goal to manipulate student attitudes towards homosexuality from “revulsion” to “celebration” Although PDES distributed the news report on that conference widely, none of the “downstream media” carried the information to the public.

The BCTF’s “Code of Ethics” specifically states that the classroom must not be used to indoctrinate students, and PDES says the teachers’ union has violated that code by promoting acceptance of homosexuality.

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