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Ron Gray recounts the period of time in 1997 when Rafe Mair and other talk show hosts on radio station CKNW deliberately silenced a story that other news outlets were featuring in front page headlines and top stories- some for 3 days straight! In an obvious attempt to bolster Rafe Mair’s lies about Kari Simpson, CKNW scandalously kept its listeners from the truth – only presenting Mair’s continuing vilification of Simpson and refusing to inform listeners about the true facts!

Parents’ Voice Press Conference

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Jun 132011


For release; June 13, 2011

Thousands of BC parents and students join Burnaby petition drive to put ‘Families First’

BURNABY, June 13, 2011 — Thousands of BC parents, students and teachers have joined Burnaby’s Parents’ Voice movement in a petition drive to place Premier Christy Clark and the BC Government on notice that discrimination against children and violation of parental and religious rights and freedoms will not be tolerated in BC – even if it is camouflaged as an ‘anti-bullying’ measure.

Supporters of Parents’ Voice and representatives of the BC Muslim Association will deliver petitions filled with thousands of names to Premier Clark’s office at:

Canada Place
on Tuesday, June 14th, 2011. A press conference will be held in front of
Canada Place
at 11 a.m prior to delivery of the petitions.

“The Premier’s slogan has been ‘Families First’,” said Charter Lau, spokesman for Parents’ Voice. “That must include recognizing the rights of all parents and children — not just special interest groups and their unions.”

Parents’ Voice is a parent and student movement that promotes respect and equality for all students, parents and staff and resists the Burnaby Public School Board’s proposed policy No. 5.45, which provides special privileges to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer and Two-Spirited Intersex students without providing the same privileges to all students.

When supporters of Parents’ Voice asked questions on how the policy will be implemented and how students who do not conform to the opinion endorsed by the policy will be disciplined, the Burnaby Public School Board Trustees stonewalled. To date, the Trustees have failed to provide lawfully requested information and refuse to answer these crucial questions.

The Burnaby School Board has announced that changes will be made to the policy — but those changes will not be open to public input, nor will they be made available for public review prior to the June 14th meeting where it is reported, by some media, that the policy will be adopted.

Parents’ Voice believes the actions of the Trustees are both reprehensible and illegal. “The violation of parental trust, political abuse of the classroom and blatant disregard for the Charter values of equality and freedom from discrimination will not be tolerated,” said Lau.

“Board Chairman Larry Hayes has been caught with his political pants down, and has no policy protocol to pull them back up with,” said Parents’ Voice supporter, Gordon World. He added, “This Board will be held accountable — politically and in the courts. The Trustees have failed, administratively, ethically — they have violated the BC Human Rights Code and misled the public and the media — they alone are responsible for creating this costly fiasco.”

Parents’ Voice has said it will Boycott the June 14, 2011 meeting. Supporters of Parents’ Voice have come by the hundreds to the last three board meetings and, according to media reports, have outnumbered opponents ten to one. Parents’ Voice believes that it is a waste of time to attend any additional Burnaby Public School Board meetings when the Burnaby Trustees are wilfully deaf and blind to valid parent and student concerns. The Parents’ Voice movement now appeals to Premier Christy Clark to demonstrate leadership and protect the children of Burnaby from discrimination.

Daud Ismail –
Charter Lau –
Gordon World –

May 112011


From RoadKill

For immediate release: May 11, 2011

RoadKill Radio challenges CKNW’s Bill Good to debate pro-‘gay’ education

VANCOUVER, May 11, 2011 (RKRNews)—As debate over a pro-‘gay’ School Board policy draft in the West Coast suburb of Burnaby heats up, so does radio station CKNW’s campaign of misinformation, with talk show hosts Bill Good and Philip Till leading the charge!

Monday morning, Bill Good interviewed one of the concerned parents, James Gray. In the course of the interview, Mr. Good interrupted Mr. Gray and two open-line callers 13 times to interject pro-‘gay’ slogans into the “conversation”. It was very clear that his sentiments are on the side of the ‘gay’ extremists.

The next morning, CKNW news commentator Philip Till delivered a one-sentence summary that lodged his opinion in the same camp: “I don’t care what your religion or culture is, if you have a problem with your School District trying to prevent your child from becoming a homophobic bully, there’s something wrong with YOU!”

RoadKill Radio has invited co-host Kari Simpson and CKNW talk-show host Bill Good to debate the topic.

When RKR’s Ron Gray extended the invitation to debate Bill Good, RKR co-host Kari Simpson immediately agreed and commented, “Great idea! I would love the opportunity to debate and educate Bill Good on the real issues and the broader implications of this political movement. I believe such a debate would be of great public interest, and would provide insight into how ill-informed and bigoted some public commentators are, when it comes to matters involving sexual orientation and the political abuse of the public education system. This is a wonderful opportunity for Mr. Good to back up his bully-pulpit tactics and propagandist rhetoric with proven facts!”

Mrs. Simpson also stated: “As for the venue, RoadKill Radio would be willing to facilitate this debate by having Mr. Good in our studio for a live broadcast, if he has the courage to agree. If this is not acceptable to him, I’d be willing to participate in this debate in any forum, including CKNW’s studio, if they would promise a live, unedited broadcast.”

The invitation has been extended; RoadKill Radio awaits a response from Bill Good.


Contact: Ron Gray

ROADKILL RADIO NEWS – April 30, 2011

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Apr 302011

RoadKill Radio invites BC Civil Liberties & Euthanasia Prevention Coalition to a debate

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, has accepted an invitation to debate physician-assisted suicide; RoadKill Radio will now invite the BC Civil Liberties Association to represent the other side in an on-air debate.

The issue arose after BCCLA launched a lawsuit aimed at striking down a part of Section 241 of the Criminal Code, which makes it illegal to assist or counsel someone to commit suicide. … Full story here.

Click here for Alex Schadenberg’s blog.
Click here to download/listen to the RKR archived show.

BC government shows ‘contempt’ for Citizens, says Ted Hewlett of BCPTL.

Taking note of RoadKill Radio’s leadership in exposing the Burnaby School Board’s policy on teaching children that homosexuality is OK—and that the BSB declined to defend its policy on-air—Ted Hewlett, Executive Director of BC Parents and Teachers for Life, noted that the School Board’s contempt for parents parallels the contempt the provincial Ministry of Education has shown for a consortium of six organizations that have asked for the Corren Settlement Agreement to be investigated and overturned. The request, made last July, has not yet had a response from Victoria, Hewlett said.

Click here for RKR archived show

Pauline Marois’ PQ has more leverage than Gilles Duceppe’s BC in Quebec: Robbins SCE

Speculation that Gilles Duceppe wants to leave Ottawa politics for Quebec City has been scotched by the news that the Parti Quebecois under Pauline Marois has solid control of the separatiste vote in Quebec, said pollster Glenn Robbins.

“She has 93 percent voter approval,” Robbins told RKR.

In a free-wheeling analysis of the federal election on Tuesday night’s RoadKill Radio broadcast, Robbins and co-hosts Kari Simpson and Ron Gray agreed that the NDP surge owed more to the Tories’ and Liberals’ heavy reliance on attack ads than to any rise in popularity of NDP policies, which most Canadians still recognize as economically ruinous. … full story here.

Click here for full story.
Click here for RKR archived show.
Click here for Robbins SCE Research.


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Apr 092011

The Maiden Voyage Of Radio On “Galganov Dot Com

For our very first LIVE ON-LINE Radio Broadcast ever, my co-host is none other than American/Canadian Conservative Activist par excellence, Kari Simpson, who co-hosts on her own incredible On-Line Broadcast…full promo
This str8talkaholic & RKR editor thinks you will like this little taste of “Galganov talk” –
Galganov Dot Com wants to play our part in unmasking the phonies who sit atop their ivory towers in institutions such as the United Nations. We will identify and expose tyrants and thugs. And we will call to task the hypocrites worldwide who do so much damage.
We will also strive to lay bare the dishonesty in much of the News Media. And we will hold to account the Do Nothing Do Gooders, who would sell their own down the river to be seen as the moderate good guys.
(The world is such a better place after I have had my “Galganov Galvinator fix”!)
Tune-in at!
Shaidle – Five Feet of Fabulous Fury
RoadKill Tuesday’s show kicked-off with Kathy “Five Feet of Fury” Shaidle from Ontario, RKR tackled Ontario’s newest cultural phenomenon: Toronto’s “SlutWalk” (What organizers actually called it!). This is a HOOT, a must listen to show – especially if you need a good laugh while you become informed! If you are inclined to be offence-a-phobic, or a radical feminist with no sense of humour, well… probably best if you don’t listen! …full story

Click here to listen/download the show
Click here for Shaidle’s: Why Slutwalk is worse than burning the Koran
Politics – What Terry O’ really thinks! A lively political exchange with John Twigg

Terry O’Neill, introducing RoadKill Radio’s second guest, political columnist John Twigg – who conceded that he is a member of the NDP – commented on how the “downstream/oldstream” media have usurped election campaigns:
“I remember being part of meetings when the editorial managers said: ‘OK, we can’t let the politicians get away with running the campaign they want; we have to run the questions [we think] the people want…’
“And I thought: ‘This is their campaign; let’s just cover the campaign!’ But we didn’t.”
This lively and informative segment gave birth to the RoadKill Academy. During the show Terry & Kari recognized the need to assist the downstream/oldstream media muckers on how to conduct proper research – Terry O’ style!! Fun! …full story

Click here to listen/download this sparkling – rip & roar – exchange!
Don Spratt & Cissy von Dehn Court Update –
Thanks to ‘cop-shopping’, thought-crimes
may soon be coming into courts near you

Question: What happens if you pass out copies of legislation in front of an abortion mill?

Answer #1: The abortion mill goes cop-shopping. If at first they don’t find an officer who will arrest you, they’ll try, try again—and again, and yet again—until they do.

Answer# 2: When the abortion mill finally finds a compliant cop, the courts will put your life on hold for more than two years while they search for a way to pretend that you did something you actually did not do.

Those lessons were learned last week by pro-lifers Don Spratt and Cissy von Dehn, arrested June 19, 2009 for doing something Vancouver Police had twice told Mrs. von Dehn was not against the law…full story here

Click here to listen/download the show
PM & NatPost reading RKR News?
Is someone on Stephen Harper’s strategy team reading RoadKill Radio News? How about National Post columnist Chris Selley? Maybe; maybe not; but the Prime Minister’s latest campaign announcement sounds a lot like a recent commentary here…full story
RKR reveals another BC family ripped apart by Ministry of Children & Family
Just a week after RoadKill Radio’s explosive exposé of how the provincial Ministry of Children and Families damaged the lives of the Bayne family, another BC family ripped apart by the Ministry’s destructive practices came to light Tuesday night on RKR.

Betty-Ann Burnett had been a high school teacher, with a background in family counseling; so it was natural, when she and Allan had their own children that she decided to stay home to raise them. Friends who’d had foster children, after seeing them with their own toddlers, suggested that they should also take foster children into their home…full story

Click here to listen/download the show
Check out Terry O’Neill’s latest “Torpedo Of Truth” Op-Ed in the Tri-City News! This is GREAT!! Click Here

Big Show on RoadKill Radio this Tuesday!! Ezra Levant…Sun Media!! I don’t have to say any more except – TUNE-IN!!

ROADKILL RADIO NEWS – March 13, 2011

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Mar 132011

RKR launches drive to have the Baynes’
children returned to home and parents

RoadKill Radio wants answers from the Ministry of Children and Family and has become a champion for the Bayne family in their struggle to be reunited with their children.

That decision was announced on-air by Kari Simpson March 8 after Paul and Zabeth Bayne appeared in studio to relate their story—a story that included information that a Ministry official had admitted—in court—falsifying a document, and the story of a four-pound premature baby being seized in hospital, only five hours after his birth!

The Bayne’s story, as they related it to Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill, began with an injury suffered by their new-born daughter, Bethany, in October of 2007. Zabeth Bayne had just finished feeding Bethany, she said, and had put the child onto a blanket on the floor, when their second son ran around a corner, tripped and fell onto Bethany.

The Baynes took Bethany to the hospital, where the doctor on duty said, “She’ll be fine.” …full story, must read, must act!

Click here to listen to/download RKR archived show
Click here for Bayne backgrounder
Click here for information on the Bayne Legal Defense Fund

Gray urges parents ‘pull kids out of school’;
Kari challenges BCTF to ‘become informed’

Parents for Democracy in Education is an organization that tries to stop the teachers’ union from forcing one-sided information about dangerous, medically unsafe sexual practices into the classroom. When PDE vice-president (and occasional RKR co-host) Ron Gray was a guest on RoadKill Radio’s March 8 broadcast, he not only outlined the organization’s strategy, he also exposed how the “downstream” media distorts coverage on this issue, on which it has already adopted a position.

March 6, PDE issued a “Parents’ Alert” informing the public of a booklet being distributed by the BC Teachers’ Federation—Gender Spectrum, published by Pride Education Network (formerly Gay And Lesbian Educators of BC). That booklet describes “gender” as “a spectrum” and “a product of the mind”; it says there is really a range of many gender identities besides male and female; and that gender identity development happens from birth to death. Furthermore, Gender Spectrum says there is no “correct” style of expression for males or females; and says “Being transgender or gender non-conforming is normal and healthy.” …full story

WAIT!! Check-out Jim Lawter’s Cuban adventure!! This RKR National Absurder expose explores the hypocrisy of the American embargo against Cuba, a few sandy beaches and an amazing looking Mojitooooo! Click here!

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RoadKill Radio – News That Matters – March 6, 2011

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Mar 062011

March 6, 2011

RKR & BC First examine the flawed selection of BC’s new Premier-designate

On the heels of the squeaker elevation of broadcaster-politician-soccer Mom Christy Cark to be BC’s next Premier, RoadKill Radio has exposed several serious flaws in the process of that election. On RKR’s March 1 broadcast, BC First leader Chris Delaney joined Kari Simpson and Terry O’Neill in studio to inform listeners and viewers of the two major concerns:
1 –Foreign influence in BC politics
2- Confusion in the Liberal Party’s voting procedure

Vancouver researcher Vivian Krause, by studying documents filed in the USA, found that The Tides Foundation, an arm of billionaire Leftist financier George Soros’ political network, through the Seattle-based Wilberforce Foundation, may have been behind money poured into the coffers of “Organizing for Change”, a BC-based group of environmental extremists devoted to stopping tanker traffic on the BC coast…full story
click here to listen/download the RKR archived show

ALERT! Parents urged to pull kids to protest BCTF’s ‘Day of Silence’ & ‘Anti-homophobia Week’

A British Columbia group has urged parents to take their children out of school to protest “indoctrination” of students by the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF).

At the heart of the issue are BCTF’s support of the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence” April 15, and “Week Against Homophobia” May 17-21.

But Parents for Democracy in Education did not just urge parents to pull their children during those events; the PDES “Parents’ Alert” issued March 4 stated: “The very best action for concerned parents is to pull their children completely out of the tax-funded indoctrination centres that are wrongly called ‘schools’.” …full story

‘Experts’ say pedophilia is just another sexual orientation; what will that mean?

Brian Rushfeldt was close to apoplectic when he was interviewed March 1 on RoadKill Radio. But the Executive Director of Canadian Family Action was still articulate, clear and very common-sensical about the outrageous testimony given by “expert” witnesses to a Senate Committee hearing on Bill C-54, legislation to require minimum mandatory sentences for pedophiles.

“They offered no evidence, only their own opinion,” said Rushfeldt.

He pointed out that one of the “expert” witnesses, Professor Hubert Van Gijseghem of the University of Montreal, who said that pedophilia is “just another sexual orientation”, had given similar ungrounded testimony before parliamentary committees before—always with a slant that supported the contention of pro-‘gay’ activists that in sexual matters, “anything goes.” …full story
click here for RKR archived show
Click here for the Justice Committee transcripts
Click here for info on Joe Comartin’s Bill C-628, lowering age of consent for minors to practice sodomy

Got your second job yet? Your third? BC Hydro rates to rise 50% in 5 years!

How Liberals thank their big corporate supporters: trash public agencies, then privatize them on the cheap

In-studio guest Chris Delaney, leader of the new BC First Party, said on the March 1 broadcast of RoadKill Radio that corporatist policies of the Campbell government are behind the announcement that BC Hydro needs to raise rates 50 percent over the next five years.

“It’s combination of issues,” said Chris Delaney. “The Liberals’ 3P policy, and their commitment to privatization; run-of-river; the ‘green’ agenda…

“There’s nothing as green as hydro power, in terms of emissions. The only problem with ‘run-of-river’ is that they’re giving it to GE and other American companies…. And the price they pay for it is double what’s on the market… Sometimes, BC Hydro is paying nine times as much…

“I have to give credit to Rafe Mair and others, who have been on this issue for a long time…
click here to listen/download RKR archived show

Is Christie Clark a bad Canadian? Ten things that identify a ‘bad Canadian’

In our desire to be helpful, RoadKill Radio on its March 1 broadcast offered a guide: How to Spot a really ‘bad Canadian’:

10 – Radio talkers (e.g., Christy Clark) who try to bully people into injecting their kids with an experimental vaccine for an imaginary pandemic. (See Swined, Swooned and Swindled, RKR Fall, 2010)

9 – Someone who accepts $20,000 (e.g., Clark, again) for a political campaign from a lobbyist/non-lobbyist who at one point represented both BC Rail and CN Rail during the tainted sale of public assets from one to the other… full list here

RoadKill Radio – News That Matters – February 26, 2011

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Feb 262011

February 26, 2011

American ‘foundations’ influencing
BC’s campaign for Liberal premier?

VANCOUVER, Feb. 26, 2011 (RKR) — BC blogger and researcher Vivian Krause, who has already traced money flowing from several U.S.-based ultra-liberal foundations into Canadian policy debates, told RoadKill Radio Tuesday night that she has found suspicious cash-flows across the border into the BC Liberal Party’s campaign to choose a new leader, and a suspicious coincidence in Liberal Party membership numbers.

“Before the campaign began, the BC Liberal Party had 30,000 members,” Krause told RKR, “and the Wilberforce Foundation in Seattle had 70,000 members. When new memberships closed, the BC Liberal Party had 100,000 members.”

Full story here
RKR interview with Vivian Krause here

Multiculturalism destroying Canada’s
Culture and economy: Lowell Green

VANCOUVER, Feb. 26, 2011 (RKR) — Canada’s “multiculturalism” policy is hurting Canada economically, and threatens to obliterate Canada’s culture, Ottawa broadcaster Lowell Green told RoadKill Radio Tuesday night.

“Every immigrant costs Canada $6,000 a year,” Green said. “But even worse is the impact on Canadian culture; we soon won’t have a culture we can call ‘Canadian’.”

Green has recently published a book, Mayday! Mayday!, in which he attacks the multiculturalism policy introduced by Pierre Trudeau 40 years ago.

“Immigration changed totally in 1990,” Green said. “Until then, for every non-European who came to Canada, about 4 Europeans came, reinforcing Canada’s European Judeo-Christian heritage. Today, for every European immigrant—including those from the USA—we get five non-European immigrants. We’re soon going to have a country that will be Middle Eastern, African or Asian—but not Canadian.

Full Story here
RKR interview with Lowell Green here

Free Speech Alert!!

Helen Ward, president of Kids First Canada and one of RoadKill Radio’s favourite citizen activists was threatened by police for handing out an information leaflet!! Check this story out!

Media release: Police called to prevent leaflet at public forum held on public property!!

February 23, 2011 (Burnaby)—On February 22, 2011 the West Vancouver Police were called to prohibit the distribution of an information leaflet at a public forum, held at a municipal theatre.

The West Vancouver School District and the West Vancouver Memorial Library held a “community forum on Early Learning” featuring Dr Fraser Mustard, a well-known advocate of universal daycare and all-day kindergarten. Helen Ward, President of Kids First Parent Association of Canada handed out a leaflet in opposition to Dr. Mustard’s policy message in the venue’s foyer.

The leaflet consisted of quotations from Dr Mustard, his colleagues, and economists, with sources. It provided Kids First contact information…Click here for full media release

Click here for the “information leaflet
Click here for RKR audio archived show with Helen Ward
Click here YouTube highlights of RKR show

RKR staffers suggest you forward this story to all your loved ones & friends that are tired of being cash cows for the elitist and being silenced into conformity.

Elections Canada costs soar as votes lag
Spending up fourfold, even as fewer voters cast ballots

RKR News thinks you should know that Elections Canada overall spending, expected to reach $138.6 million this year, is up from $32 million in 1998-1999. If an election is called, the cost will grow by ±$350 million more.

The portion spent on programs—which goes toward enforcing party financing rules, public education and redrawing electoral boundaries, among other things—has swelled more than tenfold since the late 1990s. It’s expected to soar to $30.9 million by the end of this fiscal year, from $2.6 million in 1998-1999…Full PostMedia story here!

Lawsuit alleges Shariah-complaint! Did the cops cover-up ‘honor killings’?
DEARBORN, MI February 22, 2011 (WND)—A lawsuit that challenges official cooperation by the city of Dearborn, Mich.—which has one of the largest populations of Muslims in the U.S.—with Islamic interests makes a stunning allegation: that under the recognized “Shariah” law in the city, there have been “honor killing” murders that have been “covered up.”
The lawsuit was brought by the Thomas More Law Center on behalf of four Christians whose speech and other civil rights were restricted by official city action at several recent city-sponsored Arab Fest events…Full WND story here!

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We’re pretty sure the content of some of our programming will offend you and/or hurt your feelings and/or possibly cause you to question or rethink some life-directing notions you have wrongly embraced! RoadKill Radio is dedicated to providing a forum for all those who dare to exercise their right to free speech and expression and as such fearlessly provides individuals with a public and global forum to facilitate their ability to exercise their Constitutional Rights and inform other Canadians – and the world – about the
state of Freedom and Democracy in Canada.
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ROADKILL RADIO NEWS for Feb. 17, 2011

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Feb 182011

ROADKILL RADIO NEWS for Feb. 17, 2011
News That Matters!

RKR exposes UBC agency ‘data-mining’ families through kindergarten students
‘Implied consent’ means no parental approval is needed!
Kindergarten students in BC are being used to “data-mine” information about them and their families—with or without parents’ consent. Sounds more like spyorama to us here at RoadKill Radio!! Parents beware!!

Click here for the full story. Click here to listen to the RKR archived show.

RKR scoops downstream media on challenge to Human Rights Museum
RKR co-host Ron Gray, who was leader of Canada’s fifth-largest national political party for 13 years, has sent a letter to Arni Thorsteinson, chair of the Museum’s Board, and to Hon. James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage to urge that the Museum’s presentation of the story of human rights in Canada should include the stories of many Canadians who have been abused by Canada’s 13 “Human Rights” Commissions and Tribunals.

Click here for the full story. Click here to listen to the RKR archived show

GMO – Oh-oh! MPs voted 178 to 98 against Bill C-474; Canadian farmers’ exports now at risk
Feb 10, 2011 — Yesterday the House of Commons defeated, 178 to 98, Bill C-474 – a Private Member’s Bill introduced in November 2009 that called for an amendment to the federal Seeds Regulations Act to require “an analysis of potential harm to export markets” before federal permission for sale of any new GM (genetically modified) seed.
Terry Wilson, founder of the Canadian Awareness Network, wrote in his blog, “We are seeing how Canadian politics work very clearly here. The multi-national corporations getting their way, and the Canadian people getting shafted.”
RoadKill Radio wants to know why the government refuses to require the labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. Don’t Canadians have a right to know what they are putting into their bodies?
Click here for the full story. Click here to listen to the RKR archived show.

‘Bathroom bill’ passed to the Senate
Feb. 9, NDP MP Bill Siksay’s Private Member’s Bill C-389 passed third reading in the House of Commons 143 to 135.
Critics have called Siksay’s legislation “the bathroom bill” because it would allow people to choose their gender—and gain access to bathrooms and locker-rooms of whichever gender they choose to be.

Click here for the full story. Click here to listen to the RKR archived show.

Iranium – coming soon to theatre near you
Last month the Iranian Embassy pretty well guaranteed a full house for Iranium, a movie exposing Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons. After the embassy protested the presentation in the auditorium of the National Library and Archives in Ottawa, an anonymous threat of violence caused theatre management to cancel the performance.

Click here for the full story. Click here to listen to the RKR archived show.

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Your Calls, Your Thoughts, Your Opinions, Your Outrage is welcome!

We’re pretty sure the content of some of our programming will offend you and/or hurt your feelings and/or possibly cause you to question or rethink some life-directing notions you have wrongly embraced! RoadKill Radio is dedicated to providing a forum for all those who dare to exercise their right to free speech and expression and as such fearlessly provides individuals with a public and global forum to facilitate their ability to exercise their Constitutional Rights and inform other Canadians – and the world – about the state of Freedom and Democracy in Canada.
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